A Starter’s Guide to Lies of P

How to be the good boy Geppetto wants you to be.

A Starter's Guide to Lies of P


  • Don't be intimidated by the game's setting or difficulty of the game. A few tips and tricks will turn the game into a doddle, and make the whole experience richer for it.
  • Lies of P is equal parts rhythm, pattern recognition and skill, so make sure to practice where you can.
  • And ensure you're taking the time in between those pesky enemies and boss fights to really drink in the fantastic environment that has been created.
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Lies of P is a Soulslike title from Neowiz studio and plays like a love letter to games like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Bloodborne. If you’re new to the game, or even trying out the infamous Soulslike genre for the first time, this guide will keep you from getting confused or intimidated by the game’s appeal. We’ve combined a list of essential things to keep in mind before starting your journey.


Do note that the game eventually becomes unique to the player’s own playstyle, given the amount of weapons, items, and paths you can choose. In order to make this experience your own, we encourage experimenting fearlessly throughout the game’s different levels and combat styles. 

Making Lies of P’s Difficulty Work for You

Lies of P bosses
Bosses feel simpler the more you learn their movesets.

Lies of P can be dauntingly challenging. Since that’s out of the way, it’s important to keep in mind that the idea of ‘challenge’, more often than not, depends on how you approach the game. For example, certain bosses will ask you to be a bit more patient, while other enemy types will ask for more aggression. Mixing and matching your playstyle eventually leads to a more flexible approach to the game.


However, if you’re someone who likes a more consistent approach with reliable weapons and items, we suggest getting acquainted with some excellent weapons early on. Some of these include Puppet Saber, Electric Coil Stick, Salamander Dagger, and Booster Glaive. Since these weapons are usually available early on in the game, you can try different movesets to figure out your own playstyle. 

Furthermore, keep in mind that weapons have a Handle and Blade. These two parts of the same weapon can be dismantled and combined with different parts of other weapons; making weapons highly customizable. It’s all about making a weapon that works for you.

Make sure you equip the right kind of Amulets (you’ll find many along the way) that help you in battle. You’ve also got a Specter; an AI ally who can be summoned to help you out during boss fights.


Finally, if you’re struggling too much with a certain boss or level in the game, throwables can be your best friends. Gather or buy enough items like Thermites, Cluster Grenades, and Throwing Cells (among many other throwables), and you’ve got yourself an emergency toolkit for ridiculous bosses right there.

Parrying/guarding – The Essential to Combat

Lies of P practice
Practice new moves whenever you can. Hotel Krat’s backyard is a good place to do so.

Before you head into battle with a tough head and a sharp blade, make a mental note that a lot of battles can be won by simply defending well. By this, we mean learning the basics of dodging and blocking in the game. When enemies start glowing red and tune up an attack, simply dodge at the right time. However, when they attack you in any other way, blocking at the right time causes a well-timed parry that helps you break your enemy’s guard. 

When done in succession, your opponent is likely to stagger, causing them to stand still for a while, and you can do a high damage-dealing combo. You’ll know when to do this when there’s a glowing three-slash claw mark. Your attack will cause massive damage. 


Moreover, if you fail to defend yourself and take damage, don’t worry; a mechanism called Guard Regain will help you earn your health back when you quickly deal back damage in a certain time frame. You’ll see this as a gray bar in the HUD next to your HP.

Building Your Playstyle 

Lies of P stats
Stats and weapons play a big role.

Balance, Dexterity, and Strength are your three starting classes to choose from. As the names suggest, these will define the foundation of stats going forward. Don’t worry, much of this can be changed later based on how you level up, and what kind of weapons you enjoy using. Which brings us to the different stats you’ll be dealing with.

In Lies of P, stats are divided into the following categories:

  • Vitality: Basically, your health/HP. 
  • Vigor: Your stamina, and how much you can afford to dodge (or, deal damage) at a time.
  • Capacity: How much weight you can carry. 
  • Motivity: Determines your attack power.
  • Technique: Another way of modifying attack power.
  • Advance: Changes attack power, including how you deal with elemental damage.

Remember, Motivity, Technique, and Advance may seem pretty similar, but define what kind of weapons you can eventually master as you progress in the game. This is where your Legion Arm makes a big difference since this mechanic stays objective regardless of your stats otherwise.

Legion Arm is the fancy tool your character will be equipped with throughout the game. From using it as a flamethrower and grappling hook to turning it into a shield, it’s up to you how you modify, upgrade, and use it. 

Finally, the P-Organ upgrades in the game are the epicenter of how your character grows. These upgrades make a big change to your passive abilities, and it’s advisable to read and understand the upgrades before applying them. Don’t worry though, if you mess up or wish to change things, there’s an option later on to do so. 


Being Mindful of Ergo and Pulse Cells

Lies of P ergo
Ergo is a valuable resource, so be careful about losing too much of it.

Ergo is the currency you earn every time you defeat an enemy. You’ll notice it building up on the top right of your screen. And then, die to something or someone and it’ll all be gone. Right after you respawn, you’ll have the opportunity to revisit your place of death and quickly recollect it. If you don’t, well, much of the ergo is gone. 

You’ll use ergo to upgrade your weapons, and stats or even buy items, amongst other things. The other thing you’ll constantly be wary of is going to be your health, of course. Don’t hesitate to use Pulse Cells when in need, but do know that they are limited until you find your next ‘checkpoint’.

There’s a neat mechanic to be aware of here. When you’re down to zero Pulse Cells, you can do enough damage to enemies in order to fill it up. Only one! But, that might just save you from meeting your demise sooner than later. 


Finally, when you’re in dire need of ergo and don’t know where to look, keep in mind that weapons (and other items) can be sold in exchange for some ergo. Furthermore, you can gain special kinds of ergo from defeating larger bosses. However, some of these are extremely rare and can be used to acquire sweet gear. So, be careful about consuming them. 

Use the Grindstone to Keep Your Blade and Tactics Sharp

Lies of P items
Find merchants and NPCs who can help you out with new items.

The grindstone mechanic allows you to sharpen your weapon. It may seem a little annoying at first, but once you get in the habit of it, your attacks will feel better and under many circumstances, even save you from breaking your weapon’s potential. There are certain points in the game where enemies (especially the ones who deal hit you with Acid attacks) may bring down your weapon’s quality. That’s when using the grindstone comes in handy. 

Furthermore, you can apply special effects like fire and shock to your weapon using the grindstone. This works best against certain enemy types who are weaker than specific elements. For instance, puppets are weak to Electric Blitz attacks. Similarly, Fire may work well against enemies who look and act like zombies. 


In case you’re struggling against a single weapon type and want to switch to another, it’s totally doable. The only downside here is that you’ll need enough Capacity to carry a separate weapon without slowing you down. 

Understanding and Maneuvering the World of Krat

Lies of P streets
There’s more than meets the eye in Krat. Explore as much as you can.

Lies of P is a bittersweet retelling of a familiar novel that goes by the name of Pinocchio (written by Carlo Collodi). Much like the original tale, you’ll cross paths with witty and absurd personalities, some of whom can be trusted while others may just stab you in the back. However, the gorgeously crafted landscapes of Krat have a lot to tell you. 

Interacting with NPCs and doing quests for them is a solid way of understanding this world better. Revisiting certain places in order to farm more ergo or simply complete a quest helps too. You’ll notice this kind of progression through little icons right next to the names of locations when you’re using a Stargazer to teleport somewhere. You’ll often get the choice to either ‘lie’ through a dialogue or tell the truth. It’s your choice how you go about it and will affect the game’s narrative eventually.


Lies of P is a charming, challenging, and rewarding journey to take on. We hope you make the best of it, and learn the many mysteries of Krat on the way. 

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