A24’s Civil War Trailer Breaks The Internet But Fans Are Confused With One Major Detail In The Movie

While A24's Civil war trailer breaks the internet, one major confusing details has left fans scratching their heads.

A24's Civil War Trailer Breaks The Internet But Fans Are Confused With One Major Detail In The Movie


  • As A24's Civil War trailer breaks the internet, the movie may well be on its way to become a blockbuster.
  • But Texas and California's unlikely team-up has left fans puzzled, eager to know what could potentially unite the contrastingly different states.
  • With no hint of why a civil war is really taking place in the USA, fans are eager for the movie's release.
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A24 seems to be out-doing itself each time it brings out a new movie. The studio’s latest flick Civil War proves that the studio might well be on its way to redefine cinema and Hollywood. Written and directed by Alex Garland, the recently released trailer of the movie has broken the internet over its refreshing new take on America’s politics.

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A24's Civil war
A24’s Civil War

Seeing the trailer, fans allege that although it is set in a dystopian future, the events of the movie are exciting enough to make it a blockbuster. However, despite the positive reception one major detail of the movie has caught fans in a dilemma. It is the unlikely team-up of Texas and California that just doesn’t seem to make sense for the fans.


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Texas And California Team-Up In Civil War Confuses Fans

the western alliance flag of texas and california
The Western Alliance Flag of Texas and California

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The potentially controversial but very endearing film, A24’s Civil War has enchanted fans with its dystopian storyline. Set in the distant future, the movie stars Kristen Dunst, and Jesse Plemons as well as Nick Offerman as the despotic American President, with Alex Garland as the writer and director.

With its trailer release just 24 hours ago, the soon-to-be-released movie has left fans excited yet confused. The reason for their confusion is the unlikely team-up of the two contrastingly different states, Texas and California. Not only do they have a very different political ideology, but the two states also share very different cultures.


Referred to as the Western Alliance in the movie, both states appear to have seceded from the federation and formed a separate faction under the American Flag but with only two stars. Judging from the trailer, their pair-up seems to be more on the US President’s despotic rule instead of Democrat and Republican politics.

Furthermore, there seems to be a hidden agenda behind their teaming up which can likely be on the lines of corruption, taxes, capitalism, and so on. Moreover, the potential involvement of a third party also seems possible for how would the two states manage to gather such high-grade arms and weaponry? Well, whatever the reason behind their team-up is, A24’s attempt at creating a blockbuster seems to be faring well.


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Why Is The United States Involved In A Civil War?

kristin dunst plays a photojournalist in the movie
Kristin Dunst plays a photojournalist in the movie

The biggest question after the confusing team-up of Texas and California is why a hegemony like the United States would be involved in a Civil War. While the trailer for A24’s Civil War does not provide any credible answers, fans have their own theories to present.


Many fans on X, presented their theory regarding the movie’s dystopian storyline. While some alleged that the war likely seems to be based on the lines of capitalism with an evil technocrat in the middle, others perceive that it is just a satirical commentary on the existing state of the country.

Since Texas and California are not the only states that seem to have seceded from the USA, the movie’s storyline seems more puzzling. Furthermore, the involvement of the photojournalists caught amid this catastrophic event with no hint of who is on the right side, the reason for the US being caught in a Civil War can only be known once the movie hits the theatres.


While Civil War will be released by April 26, 2024, here is the trailer:


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