Across The Spider-Verse Producers Hint at No Way Home Crossover

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In what may be the best news of the decade for Spider-man fans, Across The Spider-Verse comes bearing gifts. Phil Lord and Chris Miller, producers of the upcoming Sony animated movie, hint that the movie may be considering teaming up with the MCU. The Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Sony Spider-Verse universe were supposed to be two separate entities. So how come we get to hear those golden words right from Across The Spider-Verse producers’ mouths? Can Miles Morales and MCU Peter Parker(s) team up in a movie?


First 15 Minutes Of Across The Spider-Verse Reveal Major Plot Details


In 2022’s CinemaCon, many studios and production houses ended up showing their upcoming projects. And the audiences were finally able to see some major Across The Spider-verse updates. Phil Lord and Chris Miller revealed the first 15 minutes of Across The Spider-Verse – Part 1 via The Wrap. The footage shows Gwen Stacy back in her own universe – Earth-65. And she will battle her universe’s version of the Vulture.



But the Vulture manages to best her in battle and that is when Oscar Isaac’s Miguel O’Hara aka Spider-Man 2099 chimes in. He teams up with Spider-Gwen and together they take down the Vulture. It is after this chance encounter of the two Spider-People that we realize why the Spider-verse is getting fractured. The events of Into The Spider-Verse have damaged the fabric of reality. Kingpin’s collider has created chaos in the multiversal cradle and now Spider-Man 2099 must find a way to stop it.

Miles Morales & Gwen Stacy Will Meet Again

Gwen Stacy – Earth-65

The tears in the Multiverse are not a total bad news. It is fracturing reality for sure. But it is also why many more Spider-Men of the Multiverse will be able to sling into action in the movie. One such uber-popular Spider-verse character is Jessica Drew, who is the pregnant Spider-man of Earth-404 (we see what you did there Sony).

Miles Morales Wants To Meet Gwen Stacy

Miles on the other hand has been trying to find a way to multiverse hop on his own. In the footage, it is shown he is trying to get into Columbia University. Their physics program has the facilities for Miles to Work on his multiverse hopping research. From the looks of it, he does succeed.

Across The Spider-Verse Is “Way Bigger” Than Into The Spider-Verse

Across The Spider-Verse - Bigger & Better
Across The Spider-Verse – Bigger & Better

Phil Lord and Chris Miller spared no expense at hyping up the movie. They claim that the movie has much bigger potential than the first movie. It is being made on a grander scale and has way more characters.

“The sequel is way, way bigger than the last one,” Miller said. “It’s the largest crew of an animated movie ever.”



Miller explains that the first movie had only 40 characters and featured Miles Morales’ earth-1610. But Across The Spider-Verse will have a cast of 240 characters and is set in six different, distinct universes. And that brings us to…..

Will Across The Spider-Verse Crossover With MCU No Way Home?

5 Ways No Way Home Confused The Fans
No Way Home – 3 Spider-Men

The movie’s producers are playing coy. But all they have said till now hint at a major crossover event. The claim that the movie will be bigger and have multiple universes in the premise. And the amount of Spider-Verse characters that have been confirmed for the sequel indicate Sony’s planning something BIG.

In Josh Horowitz’s Happy Sad Confused Podcast a few months ago, Phil Lord & Chris Miller were asked about Across the Spider-verse possibly tying in with MCU’s No Way Home. The producers said and we quote:



“The Multiverse is big and wide. And all things grow… Why would you think a Multiverse, in which many things are possible, that [those things are] not related?”

The title of the sequel to Across The Spider-Verse also gives a few hints. Titled ‘Beyond The Spider-Verse‘, the sequel could break boundaries and show us an MCU crossover we never would’ve thought was even possible.

Across The Spider-Verse – Part 1 releases in theaters on June 2, 2023.



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