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Acting is no longer “priority”: Marvel Star Jeremy Renner Might Retire From Acting After Nearly Losing His Life in the Snowplow Accident

Acting is no longer "priority": Marvel Star Jeremy Renner Might Retire From Acting After Nearly Losing His Life in the Snowplow Accident

Jeremy Renner is one of the world’s leading actors who is well known for portraying the character of Hawkeye in the MCU. The news of Renner encountering a life-threatening snow-plow accident has already made headlines in the past. Several updates claimed that the Mayor of Kingstown actor may never be able to stand on his feet and might need an amputation. Yet soon, Renner made his recovery and has also been shifted to his house for further recovery. Fans were relieved by hearing this positive news and were praying to see Renner back on camera. But the hopes of the fans can be shattered as the new reports claim that Renner is thinking of his retirement from Hollywood.  

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Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner’s Snow Plow Accident 

The infamous snow-plow accident occurred in the new year where The Immigrant actor broke nearly 30 of his bones. As per the reports, Renner was run over by the 14,000-pound snowplow. The Tag actor was airlifted to the hospital. Renner is still recovering from blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries. The actor is learning to walk once again with the help of rehabilitation therapies.  

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Jeremy Renner’s critical accident
Jeremy Renner’s critical accident

Jeremy Renner Is Planning for Retirement 

Jeremy Renner has always kept his fans’ updated by engaging with them through his social media channels. The Hawkeye star even teased his upcoming Disney+ series, RennervationsRennervations is Renner’s dream project to give back to communities across the globe. Fans were excited to see the Tag star’s enthusiasm to come back on screen. But now a completely different report from Renner’s friend, claims that the Hawkeye star is no longer interested in the entertainment industry and is thinking about his retirement. 

“Although he does still love acting, Hollywood is just not a priority to him anymore. Jeremy believes that he survived the accident so that he can use his platform to really create change in the world. He is very proud of the work that he has done, but this entire situation has really shown him that there is so much more that he could be doing to help others.”

The insider also shared about the progress of the actor’s recovery. The report hints at the positive recovery of Renner but at a slow pace. 

“He is really only focused on his recovery and is doing rehabilitation to learn how to walk again. Jeremy knows he is so lucky to be alive. Each day is a little better than before and he is definitely making progress, but the progress is slow.”

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Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye
Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye

It is still unclear if the report is entirely true as there has been no official confirmation yet. Renner’s recovery still does not guarantee his ability to perform and deliver the scenes he used to do before, it is especially true for action projects as of MCUs. Fans are hoping for Renner’s speedy recovery along with his comeback.  

Source: Daily Mail

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