Actors Perfectly Suited To Play The New Superman After Henry Cavill

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The Henry Cavill version of Superman brought back the story of Man of Steel in DCEU. The actor played the character so well, that it is almost as if he is meant for it. But it is a possibility now that the actor would not be returning for the role. At the same time, it is a possibility that some other actor might take over the role of Superman. If Henry Cavill had to hand down his cape to another actor, there are few names who could be the new superman. Check out the list below to find out.


Richard Madden could play Superman

Richard Madden can be superman after Henry Cavill
Richard Madden

Despite the fact that he has already been taken by MCU for the role of Ikaris in the movie Eternals, he would have been a great Superman. Best known for his role as Robb Stark in Game of Thrones, the actor has what it takes. I mean Ikaris was no different when it comes to comparing the powers of the two. They both fly and have similar superpowers. He has the depth and the looks that go well with Superman. Also, Ikaris is shown to kill himself at the end of the movie. So there is a chance he could be cast as Superman after Henry Cavill.

Armie Hammer can take the role after Henry Cavill

Armie Hammer can take the role after Henry Cavill
Armie Hammer

In 2008, George Miller was all set to make Justice League: Mortal, and Armie Hammer was cast as Batman. But the production was canceled due to the Writer’s Guild Strike. But now that the Batman role has gone to Robert Pattinson, his being cast is now off the table. That is only the best because Armie Hammer would make a better Superman. He is talented and has the vibe for the role. Plus he has worked with Cavill and shown us that he is on par with the actor.


Michael B. Jordan could be the next Superman

Michael B. Jordon can play Superman after Henry Cavill
Michael B. Jordon

There were rumors that Michael B. Jordan has got us wondering how he would really do in the role. Though he was one of the main villains in the MCU’s finest movie, he died in it. So there is a possibility that we could see him become a part of DCEU. But there are some other arguments against him playing the role, like him not resembling the character. If there is a chance that they cast a different version of Superman, the actor has it all. He can add strength and balance it with the drama. Portray the role well after Henry Cavill.

Miles Teller can play Superman after Henry Cavill

Miles Teller can play Superman after Henry Cavill
Miles Teller

Best known for his role in Whiplash, Miles Teller is an exceptionally talented actor and has an amazing resume. His acting skills are no secret to Hollywood. The actor has been a part of Divergent movies, The Spectacular Now, and Fantastic Four. If he were to play Superman, he would bring something different to the character. He can bring out an inspired and unique version of Superman. Not just that, Superman is different from him, and we would love to see how the actor delivers the role.

Henry Golding can be Superman

Henry Golding can be superman after Henry Cavill
Henry Golding

The actor saw a rise in his popularity after bagging the lead role in the romantic comedy, Crazy Rich Asians. The movie was well-received and is genre-defining in today’s time. He was also in the lead role in A Simple Favor in the same time span. He has the demeanor and the smile that would just be perfect for Superman. Plus, he too would be a unique actor to cast for the role. But he can play the intimidating hero with great principles like Superman is. And would be a great choice to cast after Henry Cavill.


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