“They’re lacking a little oomph”: Adam West Never Wanted To Leave Batman, Was Ready to be in George Clooney’s Worst Batman Movie

"They're lacking a little oomph": Adam West Never Wanted To Leave Batman, Was Ready to be in George Clooney's Worst Batman Movie
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In the vast world of Adam West’s legacy, one indelible image reigns supreme: the iconic Batman from the impulsive 1960s TV series. His passionate desire to play the Caped Crusader again, even if it meant spending time in Batman & Robin, which the public, in general, considers to be the darkest chapter in Batman cinematic history, was an intriguing fact that frequently escaped the conventional narrative.

Adam West
Actor, Adam West

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This unwavering resolve revealed West as a man unfazed by the darkness, always prepared to answer the call of the Pitcher and a witness to his tremendous fervor for the role and the vast tapestry of Batman.


Adam West Was Willing To Join Batman’s Lowest Cinematic Venture

In the annals of cinematic legend, Batman & Robin stands out as an infamously unfortunate chapter in the history of the caped crusader. However, within this shadowy tale lies a captivating and little-known revelation about the legendary Adam West.

Renowned for his iconic portrayal of Batman in the 1960s TV series, West’s audacious spirit knew no bounds.

During a memorable appearance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, West unveiled a surprising desire to return to the world of Batman and Robin.

Adam West as Batman
Adam West as Batman

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He mused about the prospect of becoming uncle Batman, offering sage advice to George Clooney’s Batman. In the candid revelation, Conan O’Brien asked,

“You said before that you could be Uncle Batman, you could be the elder statesman, Batman. You could be the Batman who retired, but still comes by occasionally and gives George Clooney advice.”

The actor’s response was affirmative, suggesting a potential revitalization of the entire franchise. He stated, “Yes I like the idea. I think we could freshman the whole franchise.”


Further, O’Brien chimed in, highlighting the missing work in the Batman film. He said,

“These movies they’ve got all the stunts, they’ve all the special effects, but they’re lacking a little oomph.”

West’s yearning to reprise his role, even in a movie widely derided as the worst in the Batman pantheon, spoke volumes about his unwavering commitment to the character.

Yet, intriguingly, Clooney once believed that Batman & Robin had irreparably damaged the iconic DC franchise.


George Clooney Believed He Ruined DC’s Iconic Franchise With Batman & Robin

George Clooney
Ocean’s star, George Clooney

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Within the world of superhero cinema, the 62-year-old’s name is eternally intertwined with Batman & Robin, a film often mentioned as the bleakest chapter in Batman’s illustrious history.

Clooney, celebrated for his acting prowess, confronted a cinematic disaster that nearly shattered the entire Batman franchise.


Even the artist himself acknowledges the abomination that was birthed in that era, and he remains apologetic. For years, the actor bore the weight of believing he had singlehandedly annihilated Batman’s legacy. In a candid interview, Clooney expressed his remorse, stating,

“I always apologize for Batman & Robin. Let me just say that I actually thought I’d destroyed the franchise until somebody else brought it back years later and changed it. I thought at the time that this was going to be a very good career move. Um, it wasn’t.”

Indeed, the aftermath of Batman & Robin cast a long shadow, discouraging any attempts to revive the franchise for nearly a decade.

Fortunately, in 2005, Christopher Nolan breathed new life into Batman’s narrative with Batman Begins, effectively erasing the grim memory of Clooney’s misadventure and paving the way for a darker, more compelling saga.


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