After Across the Spider-Verse Led to Fan Demand, Emma Stone Rejoins MCU as Live Action Spider-Gwen in Ultra-Viral Fan Art

After Across the Spider-Verse Led to Fan Demand, Emma Stone Rejoins MCU as Live Action Spider-Gwen in Ultra-Viral Fan Art
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The Oscar-winning actress Emma Stone was last seen as Gwen Stacy in the 2014 sequel to the Andrew Garfield starrer The Amazing Spider-Man. Recent rumors have suggested that fans can expect her to reprise her role in the Spider-Verse trilogy’s finale. The character has been portrayed by Hailee Steinfeld in the first two films. Following the release of the 2023 Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, it is believed that the threequel would feature multiple versions of Gwen Stacy.

Emma stone as Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man
Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man

However, even before any official confirmation, the actress has already gone viral in fan art that re-imagines her as Spider-Gwen.

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Fan Art Reimagines Emma Stone as Spider-Gwen

An Instagram creator recently shared a glimpse at how Emma Stone might look like if she stars in the upcoming threequel to Sony Pictures’ Spider-Verse film series. Recreated with the latest picture of the Cruella actress shared by a famous hairstylist, the fan art gives a look at Stone’s live-action Spider-Gwen.

Emma Stone
Emma Stone

The actress has been rumored to return in the next Spider-Verse movie. These rumors took a height after the stylist shared Stone’s new hairstyle. MCU’s Spider-Man: No Way Home brought back Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland’s Spider-Men together in a movie.

And fans are hoping that Stone might also get the same opportunity in the future of Marvel’s multiversal saga. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse has also introduced some live-action elements in the film series.


The fan art shared by @venomhology has once again led the conversation about her return. It is believed that after introducing several Spider-Man variants, the filmmakers could feature multiple Gwen Stacy variants in the next film, Beyond the Spider-Verse. And the Zombieland star could portray one of the live-action variants of Spider-Gwen.

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Emma Stone’s New Hairstyle Sparks Rumors

Renowned hairstylist Mara Roszak recently shared Emma Stone’s new look on social media. While fans praised the actress for her stunning transformation, it also led many to conclude that the actress might be getting ready for her comeback as her The Amazing Spider-Man character, Gwen Stacy.

Stone's new haircut
Emma Stone’s new haircut

Fans speculated her return as her hairstyle seemed a lot similar to that of Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. While her hairstyle can not be taken as a hint for her potential return, fans are not losing hope for her return and are expecting to see her not only in the Spider-Verse but in the MCU as well.

The character is expected to join forces with the Avengers in upcoming movies like The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars, which are expected to bring superheroes throughout the multiverse together against the Marvel supervillain.


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