After What Feels Like Years, We Got Another Look at Silent Hill 2 at PlayStation’s State of Play

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  • Combat in the Silent Hill 2 remake was revealed in a brand new trailer.
  • Monster designs and musical score appear incredibly faithful to the original.
  • No release date has yet been given.
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After well over a year of radio silence, crackling static sounds emerged once more as Konami revealed a brand new look at the long-awaited remake of Silent Hill 2, one of the greatest horror games ever created.


First revealed in October 2022 during the “Silent Hill Transmission” amidst a flurry of news regarding the revival of the dormant franchise, Konami and developer Bloober Team retreated back into the shadows and did not wish to elaborate further until the time was right, until today’s PlayStation State of Play.

Silent Hill 2 - Combat Reveal Trailer | PS5 Games

Can Silent Hill 2 Be Recaptured?

The iconic, horrifying nurses are back in Silent Hill 2's remake.
The iconic, horrifying nurses are back in Silent Hill 2‘s remake.

Silent Hill 2 is a tough project to tackle given its intricate design and deep story. Even a direct remaster attempt failed on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 as a result of Konami losing the game’s original source code, resulting in an overall subpar return to the classic.


The brand new trailer for the remake, however, seems to show off a love for the original as it appears to be extremely faithful to the original creation, while still updating the game for modern sensibilities. Sporting a modernized third-person over-the-shoulder camera angle, departing from the fixed angles of the original, classic monster designs return with impressive levels of detail.

Legendary series composer Akira Yamaoka returns to score the remake, and the music sounds like a wonderful recreation of the already iconic soundtrack from the original game. Silent Hill 2 has long been lauded for having one of the best soundtracks in gaming, alongside the rest of the franchise.

Also returning is original artist Masahiro Ito, ensuring that the monster designs remain true to the intention. Given the monsters’ specific designs hold great thematic relevance to the story told in the game, their designs remaining true-to-intent will certainly be a welcome sign to fans of the franchise.


No Release Date… Yet

Unfortunately, no release date was given for the game. It has been heavily rumored and even hinted at in social media posts by PlayStation that it is coming in 2024, but as of now there is still no official confirmation. All we know for sure is that it will be exclusive to PlayStation 5, at least for a limited time.

Spam X to escape in the Silent Hill 2 remake.
Spam X to escape in the Silent Hill 2 remake.

This was all excellent timing as the State of Play landed on the 25-year anniversary of the release of the original Silent Hill. At least, that’s what their official Twitter account claims, though the actual release date was February 23rd. In more news of the franchise, the long-rumored game The Short Message was not only finally (officially) revealed but released today for free.

Are you excited about the Silent Hill 2 remake? Do you think it can live up to the original game, or are you nervous about how it will approach the recreation of a classic? Let us know in the comments and on our social pages!


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