Sony Starts Playing with Marvel’s Spider-Man Fan’s Hearts with Cryptic ‘Coming Soon’ Teaser

Sony's teaser has fans guessing if it could be a DLC announcement or just a podcast show.


  • Sony's timing to drop the teaser is impeccable as PlayStation State of Play goes live tonight.
  • Fans are hoping to get either a DLC announcement or a New Game+ release date for Marvel's Spider-Man 2.
  • The teaser also very briefly shows a desk and a setup ready for a podcast show with Spider-Man 2 merchandise all over.
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Sony just posted a rather cryptic post on X that has got the fanbase puzzled and hoping for a Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 DLC or a similar announcement. With the PlayStation State of Play about to be live-streamed later today, the timing couldn’t be a coincidence. The teaser shows a presentation setup filled with a pretty table and chairs and the entire hall filled with Spider-Man-themed content.


It could either be a creator meeting to reveal the future roadmap for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 as the game is yet to get official news about a DLC soon. Fans have replied to Sony’s post in droves with speculations, predictions, and guesses as it could end up being a big night tonight.

Sony Drops a Highly Cryptic Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Teaser

The Sony teaser could be something or could also end up being nothing as fans stay puzzled.
The Sony teaser could be something or could also end up being nothing as fans stay puzzled.

With nothing but a “Coming soon” caption, Sony just dropped a teaser just hours before the PlayStation State of Play goes live and fans are puzzled, wondering what the teaser could mean. The teaser reveals a hall filled with PCs, and collectibles with a lengthy desk and a row full of chairs.


This user had the perfect meme for the teaser as fans stayed puzzled about what to expect.

While this user speculates a gameshow or podcast announcement, another user guesses it could end up being an announcement for Spider-Man 2 merchandise.


One other user mentioned it being a series titled Creator to Creator where creators can come together to talk about a specific show or in this case, the Spider-Man sequel.

Venom DLC Among Other Guesses Made by Fans

A Venom DLC is highly speculated to be in the works as a DLC for Marvel's Spider-Man 2.
A Venom DLC is highly speculated to be in the works as a DLC for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

The PlayStation State of Play is usually the perfect platform studios use to announce or unveil full trailers of upcoming PlayStation titles and in the past that has included DLCs as well. While Sony could be preparing to reveal creator contributed podcast tonight, fans aren’t dropping the idea that Sony could squeeze in an Insomniac Games teaser for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 DLC.

This user predicts a Venom DLC could be announced tonight at the State of Play live stream as it was speculated for a long time that Venom could either get a comeback of some sort. An Insomniac Games leak pointed to several symbiotes being deleted from the final game to cut short the final act in the Spider-Man sequel.


Going by the leaks, there were several symbiote storylines planned for the Spider-Man sequel, which led to speculations that they could still be used in a future Venom stand-alone title or a Spider-Man 2 DLC.

If nothing else pans out and if Sony ends up bringing together a host of Spider-Man streamers and creators for a chat tonight in between or after the State of Play stream, it could still make for a good watch. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 ended up grabbing none of the awards the game was nominated for at The Game Awards last year and it could be a point of discussion among creators looking ahead to what’s in store for the future of the Spider-Man franchise.

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