Ahsoka Creator Dave Filoni Made Himself a Permanent Part of the Star Wars Universe With One Minor Detail

Ahsoka Creator Dave Filoni Made Himself a Permanent Part of the Star Wars Universe With One Minor Detail

Sometimes the creators dwell so much in their work, that they leave a part of themselves in their work to own it. Dave Filoni is an incredible filmmaker, popularly known for his work in Star Wars. His dedication to the Star Wars series is indeed remarkable and the most interesting part is his involvement in the Ahsoka series goes beyond series direction.

Fans of Ahsoka undeniably would have engrossed themselves in the intricacies of the series. But there is something that must have been missed by many. The creator of the series, Filoni has very smartly, incorporated a very minute yet crucial detail in the series, which is closely associated with the filmmaker. 

Dave Filoni
Dave Filoni

Dave Filoni’s close association with the Ahsoka series

Dave Filoni is a renowned filmmaker, who certainly needs no introduction. Filoni’s association with the Star Wars Universe has been for a while. Ever since the franchise began with the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Filoni has been a part of it all.

Filoni has not only contributed to the franchise as a director, but he has also served as an executive producer and a writer of various series including, The Mandalorian and its spin-off, The Book of Boba Fett. Considering his journey as a part of the Star Wars franchise, his attachment to it is palpable. 

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The director’s dedication can be seen in his work, and if closely observed, he has very smartly left his mark in the Star Wars series Ahsoka. 

To every fan’s surprise, Filoni has engulfed a very minute yet crucial personal detail in the series, which certainly must have gone unnoticed by many. According to IMDb, Ahsoka’s ship has the serial number T-6-1974. and Filoni’s birthdate is 7-6-1974. 


Obviously, this is very intentional and a very smart way of owning your work. With this, Filoni has certainly made himself immortal. 

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All about Dave Filoni

David Filoni
David Filoni

Although Dave Filoni is popularly known for his craft of filmmaking, his skills go beyond that. Apart from being a director, Filoni is also a producer, screenwriter, and voice actor. 

Because Filoni’s father was a fan of opera and classical music, he also gained knowledge of music from his father. Later, he helped Kevin Kiner in selecting the organ in Grand Admiral Thrawn’s theme from Rebels, so it can be said that Filoni has a connection with Star Wars music as well. 

If his resume has still some space, then Filoni has also emerged as an actor in one of his Star Wars films to complete that space. He made his acting debut in The Mandalorian as an X-Wing pilot named Trapper Wolf in Chapter 6: The Prisoner. And of course, his work has not gone unappreciated as he has won two Emmy Awards for Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

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