‘Ain’t no way he’s not gonna win’: The Boys’ Antony Starr Being Nominated for ‘Best Actor in a Drama Series’ for Critics Choice Awards Gets Unanimous Appraise

The Boys' Antony Starr Being Nominated for 'Best Actor in a Drama Series'
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Antony Starr as Homelander in Amazon Prime’s The Boys series is considered one of the best castings. The Kiwi actor took no time to be a fan favorite soon after his introduction to the superhero series. Recently the 47-year-old actor raised a storm on the Internet after being nominated for Best Actor in a Drama Series at the Critics Choice Awards.

The Boys Homelander Season 3
Antony Starr gets a nomination in the Critics Choice Awards

Antony Starr is widely praised for his performance as the Superman-esque evil superhero in the series. The fans are often seen appreciating the skills of the actor which enable us to hate the character naturally and easily make him one of the best on-screen negative characters.

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Another achievement on the way for Antony Starr?

As the latest installment of the Critics Choice Award releases its list of nominations, the official Twitter handle of The Boys posted on their profile about the Banshee actor’s nomination.

Despite the hype behind Antony Starr’s nomination, it is not new for the actor. He has also previously won numerous titles for his role as Homelander. He won in the category of Best Actor in a Superhero Series as well as Best Villain in a Series at the 1st Critics’ Choice Super Awards. Besides, he was also nominated for The Saturn Awards.


Despite the perfection possessed, it will not be a smooth joyride for the actor as there are some tough competitors against him. There is Jeff Bridges nominated for The Old Man, Diego Luna for Andor, Bob Odenkirk for Better Call Saul, Adam Scott for Severance, and Sterling K. Brown for This Is Us. 

Antony Starr
Antony Starr as Homelander

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While it is not sure if Antony Starr will win big or not but the fans are more than excited after the news. They took over the Internet to showcase their excitement over the nomination as soon as the news was revealed.


The fans are confident about Antony Starr’s win

Take a look at some of the reactions below:



Now we can only hope the best for the American Gothic actor in the Critics Choice Awards. On the other hand, following three extremely successful runs, The Boys is all set to return for a fourth season.

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What is the future of The Boys’ universe?

A look at the Seven from The Boys (2019-).
A look at the Seven from The Boys

Set with a completely different tonality from the Marvel and the DC cinematic universes, The Boys presents itself as a parody of the superhero genre. The show only gets more and more critically appreciated with each season. With the fourth season currently in development, the creator of the show, Eric Kripke has already talked about how the upcoming season will present an experience to the fans like never before:

“In case you’re wondering if The Boys Season Four hits that high bar of crazy, I just saw a sequence that’s easily a Top 5 moment in terms of absolute bat sh*t insanity that we spent gobs of money on. I love my job.” 

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Following the current trend of a vast cinematic universe, this one too is also going to present a spin-off named Gen V. The upcoming series will present a different story centered around some youngsters who are being tested in a school run by the infamous Vought International. Although details are extremely scarce about the series, we might also spot a cameo by Antony Starr.


All the seasons of The Boys can be streamed on Amazon Prime while Gen V will hit the streaming platform sometime in 2023.

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