‘How the f**k is Ms. Marvel 98%’: Internet Blasts Rotten Tomatoes for Pooling ‘Ms. Marvel’ Together With ‘The Boys’ as Highest Rated Superhero TV Show of 2022

Ms. Marvel being compared with The Boys
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It’s almost time to say goodbye to 2022. The year was exceptionally great for superhero lovers, releasing one project after the other for fans of the genre. DCU and MCU, both opposing superhero universes, had fans feeling ecstatic with each of their release. From MCU’s Ms. Marvel to DCU’s The Batman, each of the universes introduced new actors to play some of the much-loved superheroes.

Iman Vellani shines as Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel.
Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel.

As the year is ending, it’s easy to now compare how each of the projects performed, whether it was a TV series or a movie. Much to fans’ surprise, Marvel Studios’ Ms. Marvel, starring Iman Vellani is leading the list with a whopping 98% Rotten Tomatoes Score. Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys’ season three sits beside the MCU show on the throne. However, Ms. Marvel on top of the chart is receiving mixed reactions from the fans.

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Ms. Marvel Reigns Over The Superhero Genre

Ms. Marvel FandomWire
Iman Vellani in Ms. Marvel

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The Rotten Tomatoes have spoken! Disney+ series Ms. Marvel is the highest-scored superhero project of the year earning a solid 98%, followed closely by DCU’s Peacemaker at 94%. While the Iman Vellani starrer might have gotten such high acclamation from the critics, the average audience score stops just at 80%. Fans have received the ranking in quite a bittersweet manner, though.

While some believe Ms. Marvel was worth the 98% score, others can’t believe it ranks above other projects, including The Batman. Fans were surprised to see the show receive a rating equal to that of The Boys’ season three, which was quite loved by everyone. However, there are always two sides to a coin, right? Some fans have spoken about how Ms. Marvel is pretty deserving of such a high score, calling it a huge win.




All in all, whether fans love the show or not, whether they think a 98% was deserved or not, critics certainly seem to think in the positive. Ms. Marvel sitting atop the chart, alongside the fav-favorite show (probably one with no haters), The Boys is certainly a big win for Vellani and the entire team.

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What Fans Liked About Ms.Marvel

Ms. Marvel
A still from Ms. Marvel

While the technical aspects of the show can be debatable, the story of Kamala Khan, AKA Ms. Marvel portrays one thing exceptionally – inclusivity. Since the genre has mostly been male-dominated and white-centric, Ms. Marvel was the complete opposite. The show played its part in making the MCU more diverse, along with other projects including, Shang-Chi, Captain Marvel, and Black Panther.


Ms. Marvel showed off Kamala’s heritage, culture, language, and religion without downplaying it. This undoubtedly made fans feel more welcome as many saw themselves in the young superhero. Fans stated that while they were not much interested in the superhero parts of the show, it was Kamala and her community that dragged them towards watching it and eventually falling in love with the movie.

Kamala’s fans are now excited to see where her destiny takes her and the next adventure in her life, possibly with more South-Asian groovy tunes! Vellani is all set to reprise her role in the upcoming movie, The Marvels, starring beside Brie Larson and Teyonah Parris which will release on July 28, 2023.

Ms. Marvel is available to stream on Disney+.


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