Al Strobel, Best Known for Twin Peaks, Passes Away at 83

Al Strobel, Best Known for Twin Peaks, Passes Away at 83
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In unfortunate news, actor Al Strobel who was popular for his role in Twin Peaks as Philip Michael Gerard has passed away at the age of 83. Al Strobel, who had lost an arm in an accident at the age of seventeen, appeared in every part of Twin Peaks as a one-armed man who cut off his own arm in order to stop a possession from an evil spirit.

al Strobel
Late actor Al Strobel

The late actor’s demise was announced by Twin Peaks executive producer Sabrina Sutherland. On December 3rd, she made the heartfelt announcement of Al Strobel’s passing on her Facebook profile. She posted that she was sad to inform about his passing and that she loved him dearly.

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Al Strobel Dies at the Age of 83

Al Strobel
Al Strobel

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The news of late actor Al Strobel’s death was brought to the attention of the world through Sabrina Sutherland when she posted on her Facebook, “I am sad to have to post that Al Strobel passed away last night. I loved him dearly.” Twin Peaks co-creator, Mark Frost also took to Twitter to pay respect to his colleague stating that he was a “warm and wonderful gentleman.”

Dana Ashbrook, who played the character of Bobby Briggs in Twin Peaks also tweeted about the unfortunate incident. He recalled how Strobel was the “sweetest of men” and a wonderful storyteller while adding that it was “pure magic” to see him roll a cigarette.


While his co-stars seem deeply affected by his passing, fans of the late actor were also quite devastated. They wasted no time in sharing their tributes to Strobel on Twitter, each of them sharing how the late actor’s work in Twin Peaks is etched onto their brains. Quite clearly, even though Strobel has left the world, he will always be immortal when it comes to his work as Mike in Twin Peaks. One thing is for sure, both his fans and colleagues keeping him alive in their hearts.

 Al Strobel’s Legacy

Al Strobel
Al Strobel in Twin Peaks (1990)

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Strobel’s brilliant acting skills led to him becoming one of the fan-favorite characters of Twin Peaks. His recitation of the poem, Fire Walk With Me, has stayed with fans even after all these years. His acting seemed so realistic that even though he was just playing a character getting rid of an evil entity, fans couldn’t help but be so grasped in the moment that the thin line between reel and real almost appeared to be blurry.


Apart from Twin Peaks, Strobel also appeared in other projects including Megaville (1990), Shadow Play (1986), Ricochet River (2001), and so on. Strobel had retired from acting in the early 2000s but stepped back in the game to reprise his Twin Peaks role for Twin Peaks: The Return which was released in 2017. It looks like he loved the character as much as his fans did.

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