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Remedy Entertainment’s Alan Wake 2 Development Team Was Smaller Than You Might Think

Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 is a sequel that fans of the original game have been looking forward to for more than a decade, and it is finally coming out in just a couple of months. The lore and characters in the Alan Wake games may be extremely intriguing, but those are not even the most interesting aspects of them. The most impressive fact about the highly anticipated second installment in the series is that it was developed by a relatively small team, consisting of only 130 developers, and took over four long years to get completely finished.

This is probably why Alan Wake 2 is coming out 13 years after the first game, which was released back in 2010.

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Why Did it Take So Long for Alan Wake 2 to Finally Get Made?

Alan Wake 2 Was Created by a Small Team of Only 130 Developers
Alan Wake 2 Was Created by a Small Team of Only 130 Developers

Although Alan Wake 2 was initially announced two years ago at the 2021 edition of the Game Awards, its development still took much longer than fans expected, with many wondering what the reason for this long delay could have been.

Developer, Remedy Entertainment, has been sharing minor details about its upcoming title during these two years, but nothing substantial was revealed until much later. Because of this and the love that fans of the survival horror RPG genre have for the original Alan Wake, gamers were getting restless and tired of waiting for more development updates about the highly anticipated sequel.

Understanding the potential frustration that fans were going through while waiting for Alan Wake 2, the follow-up to the now classic original, the developers have decided to reveal exactly how many people worked on the upcoming game and how much time, and probably blood, sweat, and tears, went into developing it.

Considering how intense and extensively well-thought-out the story of the first Alan Wake was, it makes total sense as to why Remedy was taking its sweet time with the sequel. Witnessing the story of a fiction writer go through supernatural sequences that felt terrifyingly dreamy absorbed the players from the first frame, and that is exactly what the developer is hoping to do with the second instalment.

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Alan Wake 2 Director Shares Intimate Development Details

Four Years of Development Time Went Into Alan Wake 2
Four Years of Development Time Went Into Alan Wake 2.

One of the developers at Remedy recently told fans that the opening lines from the first Alan Wake were in fact gifted by none other than the horror maestro Stephen King himself. It is little details like these that make gamers appreciate the classic video game even more. Continuing the trend of sharing intimate development details, the studio’s Communications Director, Thomas Puha, recently took to Twitter/X to add further layers to fan anticipation for Alan Wake 2, which can be viewed below:

Just a couple of months before the launch of Alan Wake 2, Puha explained just how limited the manpower was during the development of the anticipated sequel. The director felt that it was necessary to share this information, especially considering how the game was delayed multiple times to fan disappointment. Acknowledging the small yet talented team behind the sequel’s development, Puha seemed impressed with the “quality level” the game has, calling it nothing less than “incredible.”

How long have you been waiting for Alan Wake 2? Will you be getting the title when it releases at the end of October? Let us know in the comments!

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