“A lot of interest has been around”: Alan Wake 2 Composer Builds Hype for the TV Adaptation of Remedy’s Modern Horror Classic?

During an interview with Petri Alanko, he may have let slip that the Alan Wake TV show could be further into development than originally was thought.

“A lot of interest has been around”: Is an Alan Wake TV Show in the Works for Remedy?


  • According to a tease from renowned composer Petri Alanko, the TV adaptation of Alan Wake will be amazing.
  • It has been teased that we could be getting a Remedy Connected Universe TV series.
  • It makes a lot of sense that Alan Wake would be the first Remedy project to be adapted into a TV show.
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Recently, we were fortunate enough to get the opportunity to interview the composer behind Alan Wake 2 and many of the other games within the Remedy Connected Universe, and during this interview, there were a lot of topics discussed regarding Alan Wake 2 and the Remedy Connected Universe. Interestingly, we were also given a little more of an idea of what we can expect for the Alan Wake TV show adaptation currently in the works at Remedy.


What was discussed regarding an Alan Wake TV show?

Speaking to the game's composer Petri Alanko got us hyped for the <em>Alan Wake</em> TV show that is on the way.
Speaking to the game’s composer Petri Alanko got us hyped for the Alan Wake TV show that is on the way.

Throughout the interview, there were plenty of topics raised regarding the music of Alan Wake 2 and the other games included within the RCU, but one topic has piqued interest, and that is the mention of the Alan Wake TV show.

When answering a question about what would be Petri Alanko’s dream project to work on, he began to go on a tangent and start discussing the upcoming Alan Wake TV show, which he feels will be a perfect project transition from gaming to the small screen.


However, what caught us off guard is the fact that this was mentioned unprompted, leaving us to wonder whether the television project in the works at Remedy Entertainment could be further into its development than was originally thought.

Alan Wake would be a perfect ground for a TV show, but whether others see it that way, I don’t really know. A lot of interest has been around, and I must add I have no idea whatsoever of what is going on – it’s not my thing to know or take care of.

Sadly, during this interview, Petri chose not to give us any more info besides that comment and began to state that he has no real insight into the TV adaption. He informed us that he has no real idea as he wasn’t part of those discussions. He is usually brought onto a project once it has already been planned and began production.

Even though Petri has made this statement, it still feels like he knows more than he is letting on, as it feels like an out of the blue statement that could point towards there being progress made in the adaptation. However, until Remedy makes an official announcement or shows off a trailer for the project, we can only offer our best guess.


Why was Alan Wake be the best Remedy Entertainment project to be adapted into a TV show?

If a Remedy Connected Universe TV series does get greenlit, the <em>AW</em> franchise would be the best starting point.
If a Remedy Connected Universe TV series does get greenlit, the AW franchise would be the best starting point.

When we look at the Remedy Connected Universe, there are a few titles that could be a major TV show hit, whether they be Max Payne or Control, but why was Alan Wake the go-to title for a TV adaptation?

One of the more obvious reasons why Alan Wake would be the best candidate is because the game itself already runs just like a TV show. Along the way, we play through chapters, which divide the game up into small pieces of content that slowly build the story together, just like a TV show uses episodes.

There is also the fact that Alan Wake doesn’t rely on exploration and collectible hunting to be a great game, as it more focuses on the story and has the player spend most of their time piecing together the story rather than just throwing enemies at you 24/7 as you try and find lore pieces.


Along with all of this, the game also utilizes a monologue, as the writer tells the story in his or her own mind rather than just speaking it out loud. This would be a perfect feature to include in the TV show, as it would help to set the scene that is taking place, unlike most shows that expect the viewer to use their own interpretation to gather what is going on.

Overall, the Alan Wake TV show sounds like it will be a rather interesting project, as the game franchise is already the perfect fit and feels as though it would be easily be transferable into a TV show. Along with it being a detective story in certain places, the horror aspect as well should create a story unlike any other and will provide a lot more creative outlets for Remedy.

What do you think about this tease from Petri Alanko? Would you like to see the Remedy Connected Universe adapted for TV? Let us know in the comments what you think!


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