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‘Alden Ehrenreich as Hal Jordan. This is great’: Solo Star Alden Ehrenreich Succeeds Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern, Jumps Ship from $65B Franchise To $8.6B Franchise in New Viral Fan Art

Alden Ehrenreich green lantern ryan reynolds

With the DCU inching toward its beginning and James Gunn set to implement his roadmap to craft a cohesive narrative for his DC universe, fans are already sharing their ideas for the new cast of their DC heroes. And recently, the Solo Star Alden Ehrenreich has garnered heat surrounding him, as fans are urging Gunn and the studios to cast him as Hal Jordan for the DCU.

And considering DC’s previous attempt to bring the character onscreen in 2011’s Green Lantern immensely backfired, fans are assured that Ehrenreich is the perfect candidate to redeem the character in live-action.

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Alden Ehrenreich in Solo: A Star Wars Story
Alden Ehrenreich in Solo: A Star Wars Story

Fans are urging the studios to cast Alden Ehrenreich as Hal Jordan in DCU

For years, fans have been urging the DC studios for a proper representation of the Lanterns on the big screen, after their last attempt with Ryan Reynolds as the character was a colossal failure. And following the confirmation of a Lantern show in the first chapter of DCU and Gunn confirming that the upcoming months will witness major DC castings, fans are now urging for the casting of  Aiden Ehrenreich as Hal Jordan in the DCU.

After witnessing a recent fan art of Alden Ehrenreich as Hal Jordan, who is known for starring as Han Solo in the billion-dollar Star Wars franchise, fans are convinced that he is the perfect choice for the iconic DC character. And fans haven’t shied away from voicing their opinions through Twitter and are assured that Ehrenreich should be the successor to Ryan Reynold’s substandard take on the character.


And apart from urging the studios for casting Alden Ehrenreich as Hal Jordan in James Gunn’s DCU, fans are engrossed in the upcoming HBO Max show, which is being regarded as one of the most important projects in DCU’s first chapter.

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Hal Jordan from DC comics
Hal Jordan from DC comics

Lanterns will play a major role in James Gunn’s DCU

While announcing their slate for the initial phase of the new DCU, James Gunn and Peter Safran stressed that the upcoming Lanterns, which is going to be an HBO Max series, is one of the most important projects in their line-up. Not only the series will introduce the iconic characters of Hal Jordan and John Stewart and the Green Lantern Corps, but the series will also play a major role in the DCU’s world-building and craft DCU’s overall narrative in the first chapter.

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Green Lantern Corps
Green Lantern Corps

Even though it appears that it will be a while before we get an update on the casting for the Lanterns, fans are hoping that the Solo Star Alden Ehrenreich will get the chance to shine in the role. And with the upcoming The Flash inching toward its release, which is set to provide a clear slate for James Gunn to implement his plans, fans are engrossed in witnessing what DC’s future holds.

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