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‘He Looks So Good’: Internet Bows Down to Aldis Hodge’s Hawkman in New Black Adam Set Photo

Aldis Hodge has taken the internet ablaze, particularly the DC fans who are eagerly in anticipation of the upcoming DCEU film, Black Adam. In a recently revealed set photo, the fans of the franchise received another look at Aldis Hodge’s Hawkman, who will be connected with the Justice Society of America in the film. The comic book origins of the character and his association with the anti-hero Black Adam will be a little different in the movie itself, as claimed by director Jaume Collet-Serra.

DC's Hawkman
DC’s Hawkman

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Who Is Hawkman?

Hawkman is a DC superhero, who will make an appearance in the upcoming DC Extended Universe endeavor, Black Adam, starring Dwayne Johnson in the titular role. Casual fans of the franchise may not be aware of who the Hawkman is. Well, in the comics, Hawkman is a character who has lived many lives, as a result of an Egyptian curse where he is reincarnated again and again.

Most frequently, the superhero is portrayed as either Carter Hall, a human archaeologist who is the contemporary reincarnation of Khufu, a prince from ancient Egypt, or sometimes as the character of Katar Hol, a Thanagarian police officer from the planet of Thanagar. There have been times when he has also been a mix of both. Another reboot of the superhero involved a character named Fel Andar assuming the mantel of Hawkman. In the Black Adam movie, we will get to see the Carter Hall reiteration of the well-acclaimed superhero. 

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Aldis Hodge as Hawkman in Black Adam
Aldis Hodge as Hawkman in Black Adam

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When it comes to his attire in most adaptations, the superhero usually dons an iconic bird-shaped head gear and a set of artificial wings made of the anti-gravity “Nth metal” which allows him to fly. He makes use of archaic weaponry to fight his enemies. Besides ancient weapons, the character is later seen in the comics making use of highly efficient weapons made of modern laser technology. Hence, it can be attested that the character is a proficient master of weapons and is a great combatant.

Hawkman’s Connection To The JSA



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The introduction of the Justice Society of America, the first team of crime-fighting DC superheroes, in Black Adam has interesting connotations for the future of the DC Extended Universe. However, many may question: how is Hawkman related to the JSA? Well, in the comics, Hawkman was one of the founding members of the JSA, alongside The Flash and Green Lantern. The winged warrior was initially the chairman of the group of superheroes. It will be intriguing to see how the dynamics of the super team will play out on the big screen in the upcoming film. The other superheroes from the Justice Society that we will get to see in the film include Atom Smasher, Doctor Fate, and Cyclone.

The Internet Reacts To New Set Photo Of Aldis Hodge

Aldis Hodge
Aldis Hodge

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The internet has been rewarded with new Black Adam set photos, all thanks to Vanity Fair. The fans have especially praised Aldis Hodge’s Hawkman photo. Following is a glimpse at the fans’ reception:


Fans will get to see the Hawkman, played by Aldis Hodge, and the Justice Society of America in action in the upcoming film, Black Adam, which is set for a 21 October 2022 release.


Source: Vanity Fair

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