Black Adam Official Trailer: Director Jaume Collet-Serra Reacts to Black Adam vs Shazam Rumours


It has been years since the Rock first talked about wishing to play the DC antihero role, which is a 5,000-year-old fighter with divine powers. Now Black Adam finally going to show up in the theatres on October 21, and also Warner Bros. has revealed the very first trailer, showing us the full scope of Johnson’s abilities.

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Dwayne Johnson, Black Adam powers
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

This movie is making a big-screen debut, but previously the character has a lengthy and detailed history in the comic pages. He first started in 1945 as an ancient and violent supervillain, who was given incredible powers by the wizard named “Shazam.” Over decades, Adam has progressed from Shazam supervillain to a purely powerful antihero. Collet-Serra explains that when Dwayne Johnson first reached him about directing on the set of Jungle Cruise, it was that opacity that attracted him most.

Black Adam Director Reveals the First Trailer Look For Dwayne Johnson’s Fierce Anti-Hero

Dwayne Johnson first look, Black Adam
Dwayne Johnson’s first look, Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson has extended an affinity for the hero, and he’s struggled to bring Black Adam to the screen for years. Collet-Serra tells that he was most delighted to see Johnson carry a difficult, brooding character with pleasing enthusiasm. Collet-Serra recalls:


“When I started reading about Black Adam, I became really interested in how unconventional of a character he is.”

“Is he a hero? Is he a villain? Is he an antihero? He has such a unique story, and he goes well with my style and view of the world in general. In a world where not everything is black or white, you need a superhero like him to operate in the gray area, who has his own moral code.”

“It’s always cliché to say that someone was born to play a role, but in this case, it’s true. The movie happened because of him. He’s the energy and the push that got this movie made. Even if it took him a long time to fulfill this dream of his, I think that it’s been worth the wait.”

Dwayne Johnson's anti-hero powers
Dwayne Johnson’s anti-hero powers

Following the comics, this hero competes against another hero with a lightning bolt on his chest. Although, DC originally planned to make Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam the villain in “Shazam,” which originally showed Zachary Levi as the fresh character. But that script was changed, and instead Black Adam is getting his solo movie and the spotlight to shine.

Black Adam finally going to hit the theatres on October 21.


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Written by Shreeparna Das