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Black Adam Official Description Reveals The Rock Plays DC’s Most Brutal Anti-Hero

The latest footage of the Black Adam movie highlights the brutal side of the anti-hero of DC comics. Dwayne Johnson has been a part of the project for almost a decade now. He is playing the title character, as the DC character comes to live-action for the first time. Though the movie is in its pre-stages for a while, the fans got the first look at Dwayne Johson as the anti-hero for the first time in 2021. This was when the first photo shoot started. The fans are excited to see what Dwyane Johnson would do in the role. DCEU brings the Shazam character and presents him as an anti-hero.

Black Adam’s official description reveals important details

Black Adam's official description reveals important details
Black Adam’s official description reveals important details

With only a few months left in the release of the film, a huge hype has been built around it. And Warner Bros. is also adding to the excitement of the fans. Also, the fans are more hyped to see The Rock make his DCEU debut. At the CinemaCon this year, being held in Las Vegas, Warner Bros. was one of the studios who took part. They presented footage of Black Adam and shared the description. It reads:

The Rock Plays DC's Most Brutal Anti-Hero in Black Adam
The Rock Plays DC’s Most Brutal Anti-Hero

“A ship flies over ice as Adam is put in stasis. There are shots of him as a slave before being ‘reborn as a god.’ Adam says, ‘I kneel before no one.’ Doctor Fate says, ‘I’ve seen the future. Either you [Black Adam] will destroy this world or be its savior.’ It cuts to Adam walking through a desert, and someone shoots a rocket at him. He catches the rocket and it explodes. He survives but looks pissed as electricity crackles around him. It also includes shots of the JSA in action. Atom Smasher is in his giant form and runs down the street. The Hawkman shot from the original trailer is shown. Cyclone is seen inside a ship, with more quick shots. Someone says, ‘Heroes don’t kill people,’ while Adam replies, ‘Well, I do.’ Then he punches a guy so hard the person flies high into the air, disappears, and dies.”

Black Adam is coming out soon

The movie, Black Adam, was set to release on July 29, but the date was pushed back to October 21. It was because some heavy VFX work was not complete yet. The origin story of the character is the same as Teth-Black from the comics. The movie will also mark the debut of many other characters from the American Justice League.

Black Adam is coming out soon
Black Adam is coming out soon

Apart from Dwayne Jonson playing the lead, the cast includes other stars. Noah Centineo is playing Atom Smasher, Aldis Hodge as Hawkman, Quintessa Swindell as Cyclone, and Pierce Brosnan will be playing Kent Nelson or Doctor Fate.

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