Black Adam: Every ‘Justice Society of America’ Character Confirmed To Appear

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We’re extremely excited for Dwayne Johnson’s first big superhero role. Black Adam is a character that has been with him for over 10 years, and he’s finally ready to change the hierarchy of power in the DC Universe. The script is all done and the Rock will soon be in front of the cameras telling the story of DC’s new anti-hero. Besides Dwayne Johnson, the film has assembled a massive cast with the likes of Marwan Kenzari, Sarah Shahi, and possibly even Djimon Hounsou. But these aren’t playing the supers who will rub shoulders alongside Adam. For that, we’ve got the Justice Society of America.


Just when you thought that Black Adam will be a solo origin story, the Rock confirmed that the JSA will appear in the film. While the Justice League came together in the present day, the Justice Society of America is a Golden-Age Superteam that formed during World War II. So, we’re surely going to see their 20th-century roots in Black Adam. But with the actors that have been brought in, it’s clear that the JSA will reform in the present day. Here’s every character (and actor) of JSA appearing in Black Adam:


Atom Smasher

Noah Centineo has been brought in as Albert Rothstein, who made his debut in 1983’s All-Star Squadron #25. Atom Smasher has been a part of teams like the JSA, Infinity, Inc., and even the Justice League. He has Superhuman strength which comes with the ability to alter his body’s density and size. So, he can grow as enormous as 28 feet. Centineo has gotten ripped for the part, so it’ll be interesting to see how he fares with the Rock himself.



Aldis Hodge is playing the winged vigilante, who originates from planet Thanagar. While his history in the comics is a bit convoluted, his reincarnation is an Egyptian prince named Khufu. In the present day, Hawkman goes by the name of Carter Hall. We’ve seen Aldis Hodge in films and series including The Invisible Man, City on a Hill, Black Mirror, Underground, Straight Outta Compton, and One Night in Miami… Now, he’s scored his biggest role in Black Adam, which will certainly earn him even bigger career gigs.


Quintessa Swindell will play the bubbly and talkative Maxine Hunkel, aka Cyclone. Living up to her name, she possesses the ability of aerokinesis i.e., she can she can manipulate wind. The Airbender here is not an original member of the JSA. She is the granddaughter of Ma Hunkel, the original Red Tornado of the comics. And she was recruited in the JSA by Power Girl and Mr. Terrific in 2007. Quintessa Swindell is known for her work in Netflix’s Trinkets, and HBO’s Euphoria. Before Black Adam, she will also be seen in the upcoming Colin Farrell starrer, Voyagers.


Doctor Fate

The name is Fate… Doctor Fate! Yes, the man who played James Bond before Daniel Craig came to town has been cast as DCEU’s Kent Nelson. Doctor Fate is among the oldest characters of the DC Universe and he is also the founding member of the JSA. Pierce Brosnan’s Kent Nelson is WB’s answer to MCU’s Doctor Strange. Nelson was taught sorcery and came across the helmet of Nabu, who acts as Nelson’s mentor and spiritual guide. You’d be interested to know that Black Adam won’t mark Doctor Fate’s first live-action appearance. He also had a short stint in an episode of The CW’s Stargirl. Although, we could expect him to play a much bigger role in the film.


With the reformation of JSA in Black Adam, we could expect even more characters to come into the mix as the team progresses. Hawkgirl is one of the characters who could join the gig later. If the JSA of Black Adam turns out to be a smashing hit, then we could certainly expect to see a live-action HBO Max project around them, if not a theatrically released film itself. Till then, we should look forward to Black Adam, which arrives on July 29, 2022.

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