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‘All Fans Want Amazing Spider-Man 3’: Twitterati Flood Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man 10 Year Anniversary Post, Demand Andrew Garfield’s Return

Twitterati Flood Sonys Amazing Spider Man 10 Year Anniversary Post Demand Andrew Garfields Return

3rd July marked the 10th anniversary of the second live-action Spider-Man as Andrew Garfield donned the costume in The Amazing Spider-Man, Sony’s reboot of their Spider-Man film series from director Marc Webb. This iteration of the web-slinger went deep into Peter Parker’s personal background, setting him apart from the others. This Spider-Man wasn’t hesitant to show his more tormented side and be authentic and honest.

The Amazing Spider-Man-2
Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker

The Amazing Spider-Man movies showcase the best that Spider-Man has to offer, thanks to Andrew Garfield’s outstanding portrayal. He isn’t afraid to go to dark and intense areas to convey Peter’s inner anguish and covers up his suffering with a comics-true sense of humor while battling crime. Even though both parts of The Amazing Spider-Man weren’t the most loved ones, fans are rooting to get the third installment for the same.

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Is it legally possible to make Amazing Spider-Man 3?

Paul Sarker, a former Disney and Marvel Studios attorney, discusses the possibility of Andrew Garfield playing Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 in an interview with Screen Rant’s Tom Bacon. Sarker has no insight into the creative side of things, thus he could only speak about the legality of such a circumstance.

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The Amazing Spider-Man-2-1
The Amazing Spider-Man 2

“Anything’s possible from a legal standpoint. That doesn’t mean it’s possible from a business or creative standpoint, but legally as lawyers, we often respond to the direction and requests of business and creative teams. I know Sony has the exclusive rights to Spider-Man. In theory, if Andrew Garfield wanted to be part of this franchise moving forward, in Amazing Spider-Man 3, and there was a budget for it… Legally, the sides could work out whatever paperwork needed to be done to make that happen.”

“But I think, from a creative point of view, Andrew Garfield may not want to do it. I think he’s gone on record saying he’s gonna take a break from acting, he may not be in the area creatively where he wants to be making Amazing Spider-Man 3. But I think, if all the other factors were pointing that way, legally there’d be a way to get it done.”

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The Amazing Spider-Man-1
The Amazing Spider-Man

As Sarker points out, Andrew Garfield may appear in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 without violating the terms of any laws. The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s poor critical reaction is something to keep in mind, though. Even while fans are now excited about the notion of The Amazing Spider-Man 3 including Garfield, this may make Sony and Marvel more hesitant to create the film.

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Fans are clearly rooting for the 3rd installment

Andrew Garfield may be back with marvel
Andrew Garfield

Even though the situation speaks otherwise, fans are clearly manifesting to witness Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker once again. Getting the 3rd installment for the Amazing Spider-Man appears to be their one and only agenda. Don’t believe us? Check out these tweets:

Fans are going crazy for real after Sony posted on the 10th anniversary of Amazing Spider-Man. Even though we recently witnessed Andrew Garfield in Spider-Man: No Way Home, we direly want to see him in a solo live-action over again.

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Source – ScreenRant 

Written by Varshit Sharma

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