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All Of Us Are Dead: 5 Characters Who Could Survive Squid Game

The popularity of the Korean thriller show Squid Game paved the way for other similar-themed drama shows such as All Of Us Are Dead. Both shows became a global phenomena and have amassed a loyal fan base. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of similarities as well as differences between the two hit series.

If there will be a crossover between Squid Game and All Of Us Are Dead, it is going to break records. While we are at it, let us look at the main characters from Hyosan High School and see who can survive the deadly games.

Lee Su-Hyeok

Su-Hyeok All Of Us Are Dead

He survived the zombie apocalypse, so there is no doubt that Su-Hyeok has a strong chance of surviving the Squid Game. He is, first and foremost, physically strong and mentally alert. Su-Hyeok makes rational yet careful choices. His strongest point would be his athletic skills.

Though, if he had a weakness, it would be his intimate feelings for someone, like Nam-Ra in All Of Us Are Dead. Other than that, he knows exactly the best thing to do in certain situations.

Jang Ha-Ri

Jang Ha-Ri

Her sports training has developed her physically, mentally, and emotionally. Ha-Ri is one of the strongest contenders if she ever joins the Squid Game. She has the skill of accuracy, precision, and focus.

One thing that also makes Ha-Ri a great player is her level-headedness. She always keeps herself calm and collected, even during dire situations. This is going to be her advantage because Squid Game demands thorough decision-making.

Lee Cheong-San

Cheong-San All Of Us Are Dead

Cheong-San will make a good player if he relies on his resourcefulness combined with quick thinking. He might not be the strongest or the bravest, but he has the capacity to make use of what’s within his reach and turn it into something useful.

His instinct not to trust his friends too much is also a good sign that he is not easily deceived. Although, he showed a bit of weakness when he saw his mother turned into a zombie, to which he had a long mental breakdown.

Yoon Gwi-Nam


Gwi-Nam is the most ruthless and possibly the toughest contender any player will face in Squid Game. He works alone, and he gets the job done without depending on others. Moreover, he does not show emotional distress whatsoever.

He can be likened to Jang Deok-Su from Squid Game who does not feel any remorse for sacrificing anyone to clear his way. Gwi-Nam’s brutality will be his best asset.

Lee Byeong-Chan

Lee Byeong-Chan All Of Us Are Dead

The science teacher who created the virus that infested Hyosan High School will also make it to the top players’ list. His intelligent mind can easily figure out the game even before it starts. He might not be physically strong, but if he uses his wits to manipulate certain people, then he has the upper hand in the game.

Byeong-Chan managed to keep himself together despite turning his family into zombies. He still proceeded with his research. With this kind of sensibility, he has a strong chance of surviving the Squid Game.