All Of Us Are Dead: Top 6 Smartest Students, Ranked

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The hit Netflix Korean zombie thriller show All Of Us Are Dead has made waves in the streaming platform and became a worldwide obsession. With the success of this entertainment trend, it is easy to predict that viewers will definitely subscribe to it. The show is packed with non-stop action and exciting yet nerve-wracking scenes!


The main goal of the characters is to survive the zombie apocalypse that infested Hyosan High School. While physical strength is the most valuable asset during desperate times, one’s intelligence should not be undervalued. Indeed, All Of Us Are Dead is a survival of the smartest.

Lee Su-Hyeok

Su-Hyeok All Of Us Are Dead


Su-Hyeok seems to be the athlete of the group. He is the one who fought really hard, and possibly, with the most number of zombie kills. Although his physical agility is his greatest strength, we cannot leave out his cleverness.

He was the one who came up with the idea of tying up the equipment carts to form a barrier. This trick allowed the group to escape the school gymnasium.

Lee Cheong-San

Cheong-San All Of Us Are Dead


Cheong-San is also one of the sources of strength in the team. He fights really well and is very quick on his feet. Although he is not as equally capable as Su-Hyeok in terms of fighting, his resourcefulness has saved the group more than once.

He thought about using the fire hose as a rope to climb out of the school building. Aside from that, he also realized that the sound of thunder can muffle the zombies’ hearing. This allowed them to move without being heard or noticed.

Jang Ha-Ri

Jang Ha-Ri


Ha-Ri’s archery skill has proved to be one of the group’s advantages. Her precision and accuracy at shooting are unparalleled and have saved her schoolmates’ lives many times.

More than her marksmanship, Ha-Ri remains calm and logical during stressful situations. Thanks to her sports training – her leadership skill has kept their group out of danger.

Nam On-Jo


On-Jo is surprisingly one of the brightest students despite not being on top of her class. At one point, Nam-Ra praised her and said she should have been the class president because of her initiative and practical thinking skills.

Her father works in the rescue team, and she has been taught a lot of survival tips and tricks in case of an emergency. When the police dismissed their call for help as a prank, On-Jo told them there was a fire. This way, the fire bureau team, and paramedics will be alerted.

Oh Joon-Yeong

Oh Joon Yeong-2


Joon-Yeong is the second smartest in the group and absolutely the most underrated character. His knowledge about operating drones has helped the team locate Cheong-San and survey the place. His rational thinking also aided them in coming up with sane decisions.

Choi Nam-Ra

Nam-Ra All Of Us Are Dead

Nam-Ra is definitely the most intelligent student as she is the top one in class. It was very fortunate that she did not turn into a full-blooded zombie when she was bitten; in that case, it may have affected her brain.


She formulated the idea of using the school’s public address system to lure the zombies into one place so they could escape. Paired with her newly-found strength, Nam-Ra proves to be both the smartest and strongest main character in All Of Us Are Dead.


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