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“All these men have been taking advantage of me”: Jennifer Lawrence Was Concerned About Male Co-Stars Getting Too Intimate in Kissing Scenes, Felt Being Used by Them 

"All these men have been taking advantage of me": Jennifer Lawrence Was Concerned About Male Co-Stars Getting Too Intimate in Kissing Scenes, Felt Being Used by Them 

Is Jennifer Lawrence having male co-star problems? That seems to be the case. The actress embraced stardom thanks to the Hunger Games franchise and since then she hasn’t looked back. She starred in other acclaimed films like American Hustle, Silver Linings Playbook, Don’t Look Up, and more. As expected, in her career, she had to kiss plenty of her male co-stars on-screen.

But the star admitted that it wasn’t always done with professional intent from her screen partners. As a result, she felt sort of violated in the work environment. However, this wasn’t the case for every one of her male co-stars. In fact, she specifically named one actor who was always professional and respectful.

Jennifer Lawrence Thinks She Was Taken Advantage Of By Male Co-Stars

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence

In an interview with Glamour magazine (via Contact Music), Jennifer Lawrence admitted that she pursued authenticity even during kissing scenes in a film. She said, “It should be all real.” But later on, she came to know that sometimes male stars used their tongues during kissing scenes just to get a reaction out of her. This made the Passengers star second-guess the professional integrity of her previous co-stars.

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Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence
Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence

She said:

“God, am I wrong? There I am thinking, ‘This is just the way it is’, and maybe all these men have been taking advantage of me.” 

However, there was one actor who the Oscar winner was sure had remained professional throughout and hadn’t done anything untoward- Bradley Cooper. Jennifer Lawrence has starred with Cooper in films like Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, Joy, and Serena. As a result of working on multiple projects, there is mutual trust between the two. So playing romantically involved characters in films became easier.

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Jennifer Lawrence Thinks Bradley Cooper Is A Gentleman

Bradley Cooper
Bradley Cooper

Jennifer Lawrence revealed that it was much easier to work with Bradley Cooper because he wasn’t one of the narcissistic Hollywood guys. She also sang his praises and described him as a respectful man. Due to this, when it came to doing romantic scenes, she didn’t freak out. The actress said:

“He’s respectful, not gross. Not one of those Hollywood guys who is like, ‘Oh, I can sleep with anybody I want.’ That helps. It means that when it comes to the romantic stuff, you don’t freak out.” 

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Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence
Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence

But what about Cooper? What does he think of the chemistry between him and Lawrence? In an interview with Deadline, he said that it all traces back to the dance routine in the Silver Linings Playbook. The actor said:

“I wonder if these guys who do Dancing With The Stars like have a connection forever. I really do think that provided the basis by which we can just work together. We don’t talk often, but when I showed up in Boston for Joy, then all of a sudden it was like we never stopped. We just started where we left off, and that’s rare. It’s just easy to look at her and feel like I’m telling the truth.” 

The American Sniper star also said that he doesn’t necessarily always like playing Lawrence’s romantic interest and that’s why he loved Joy. It allowed him to portray a man who actually supported her and gave her a chance. Guess, Cooper is as dreamy in real life as he is on-screen.

Source: Contact Music and Deadline

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