All We Know So Far About Thor: Love And Thunder

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Thor: Love And Thunder is the fourth installment in the Thor movies so far in the MCU. It was confirmed by Kevin Feige at San Diego Comic-Con in 2019. Everyone is wondering about what exactly has the movie got planned for its viewers. Fret not dear readers, we answer that question as best as we can in this article. Here’s all we know so far:


Storylines And Inspirations For Thor: Love And Thunder

First and foremost, the filmmaker Taika Waititi. The man who changed the entire vibe of how Thor movies are depicted in and for the better. The same legend will return for the fourth installment, Thor: Love And Thunder. He will be directing and co-writing the scripting along with Jennifer Kaytin Robinson.
The majority of the details are still covered for the time being. However, we can safely assume that the movie would pick up after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Where Thor made Valkyrie the queen of Asgard as he humbly gives up his mantle to her.

Jason Aaron, a comic writer at Marvel. His work is what will be taken as the inspiration for the film.


What we do know for a fact is that Jane Foster will be making a comeback in this movie. The inspiration might be The Mighty Thor according to actress, Natalie Portman. The comic depicts Jane Foster suffering from cancer. The more Jane wields Mjolnir to transform into Thor, the more cancer seems to take over her health. Being a superhero was deadly as it is but this version of Thor takes it to its literal meaning. Natalie had confirmed the storyline during an interview with Fatherly:

“I can’t tell you that much. I’m really excited. I’m starting to train, to get muscles. If there can be all these female superheroes, the more of them they are, the better it is. I’m trying to think—it’s based on the graphic novel of The Mighty Thor. She’s going through cancer treatment and is a superhero on the side.”


Questions That Everyone Should Be Asking

Chris Hemsworth stars as Thor, the Asgardian God. Tessa Thompson returns as Valkyrie from Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Endgame for Thor: Love And Thunder. She was given the role to rule the other Asgardians as Thor joins the Guardians Of The Galaxy at the end of Endgame. It would be interesting to see how her progression as the new ruler of Asgard has been since then. Has she made her changes to Asgard yet? Will these changes be for the better or for the worse?


Since Natalie Portman has returned to play as Jane Foster, the scientist and love interest of Thor. It would be intriguing how Marvel will showcase their relationship. The last we heard of the couple was that they had a “mutual dumping” according to Thor himself in Thor: Ragnarok. Where has she been all this time? Did the blip get to her as well? What has she been up to? All these questions can only be answered once the movie gets released.

The Cast: Gods, Guardians, Villain, And Cameos

As for the cast of the Guardians of the Galaxy making an appearance in the film, Vin Diesel, the voice actor for Groot has teased about his part in Love and Thunder. Karen Gillan, the actress who plays the part of Nebula in the Guardians of the Galaxy confirmed that she will also be a part of the film. Even Chris Pratt seems to be making his way into the script as Star-Lord. The actor has headed to Australia to start filming scenes for the movie.


ET Now confirmed that Christian Bale will also be in the film with their interview with Tessa Thompson, he will be acting the part of Gorr the God Butcher, confirmed by Kevin Feige himself in 2020. Not only that, but we also have Jaimie Alexander returning as Sif, confirmed by Deadline.
As far as cameos go, Russell Crowe and Matt Damon will also have their glimpse in the upcoming film.

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