“Our intention is to avoid competing with the wake of Alan’s epic release…”: Alone in the Dark Reboot Delayed due to Hectic Gaming Calendar

Alone in the Dark

It looks like fans of the 90s cult classic horror video game, Alone in the Dark, will have to stay in the darkness for a bit longer than expected because its reboot has been delayed. The game’s anticipated release will no longer target the Fall of 2023 and will now be released a couple of months later, on January 16, 2024.

Publisher, THQ Nordic, revealed the reason for this is so that its title doesn’t have to compete with or take the spotlight away from the numerous video games that are coming out in October, especially the highly awaited sequel, Alan Wake 2.

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Alone in the Dark Reboot Steps Away From October Release

Alone in the Dark Reboot Will now Launch on January 16, 2024.
Alone in the Dark Reboot Will now Launch on January 16, 2024.

THQ Nordic announced the news regarding the delayed release of the Alone in the Dark reboot in an extensive press release dated September 5, 2023. It wrote that horror games succeed only when they achieve “the delicate balance of tension” to exploit “our vulnerability” in complete “solitude.”

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The publisher continued by asking fans to imagine themselves trying to walk through “a dimly lit house in the dead of night” as they hear spooky “whispers” and “noises” that scare the living soul out of them.

Further justifying the delayed launch of the Alone in the Dark reboot, THQ Nordic wrote that the aforementioned “scenario” wouldn’t be as effective if you’re not alone but have the company of “28 intriguing individuals.” That’s why the anticipated horror reboot stepped away “from the chaotic October 2023 launch window.”

The publisher linked its earlier analogy with the huge number of high-profile releases coming out that month, saying that a group setting would basically get rid of the “fear factor” that Alone in the Dark is hoping to achieve.

THQ Nordic then mentioned some AAA titles that are releasing in October, admitting that its “intention is to avoid competing with the wake of Alan’s epic release” while also steering clear of “the graceful swings of Spider-Man.” For context, October is when Alan Wake 2 and Spider-Man 2 are finally going to be launched, and THQ Nordic wants to ensure that it remains “as Alone in the Dark as possible.”

The new release date for the horror reboot will actually “serve a dual purpose” by letting the developers “perfect the gaming experience” while also letting gamers “immerse” themselves in October’s “remarkable releases.”

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What Exactly Is Alone in the Dark About?

Alone in the Dark Wants to Avoid Clashing With Alan Wake 2 and Spider-Man 2.
Alone in the Dark Wants to Avoid Clashing With Alan Wake 2 and Spider-Man 2.

The Alone in the Dark reboot aims to be a “love letter” for fans of the cult classic original, and players will be able to choose between two protagonists as they experience the spine-chilling story. In the upcoming “re-imagination of the classic survival horror game,” you can “play as either Edward Carnby or Emily Hartwood.”

Set in a world that combines “psychological horror” with “southern gothic,” players will be able to explore “environments, fight monsters, solve puzzles, and uncover the uneasy truth of Derceto Manor.”

Alone in the Dark is set in the southern 1920s, during which Emily Hartwood’s uncle is nowhere to be found, so she teams up with Edward Carnby, a private investigator who accompanies her to Derceto Manor, described as “a home for the mentally ill where something is lurking.” Players will come across “strange residents, nightmarish realms, and dangerous monsters” as they witness the rise of true “evil.”

THQ Nordic claimed that this horrifying “adventure” will definitely “change your core beliefs.”

Do you think delaying Alone in the Dark was a good idea? Are you looking forward to playing the reboot? Let us know in the comments!

Source: THQ Nordic

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