12 Mind-blowing Alternate Versions Of Captain America

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Captain America was introduced in the comic books at the peak of World War II in 1940. He was portrayed as a patriot named Steve Rogers who was rejected by the armed forces for being unfit. Steve’s life took a sharp turn after he volunteered for the Super Soldier Serum experiment and successfully had his body transformed. It’s been over 80 years since his debut and in that period, Marvel has crafted countless adventures in various alternate realities. Each alternate universe houses a different version of superheroes, including Captain America.  The Cap has undergone numerous changes and transformations over the years to spice up the storylines. Find out the 12 mind-blowing alternate versions of Captain America.


Colonial Captain America

There was another Captain America long before the Steve Rogers we know. Interestingly, this Cap is an ancestor of Steve named, Steven Rogers, from the Colonial period. He had fought during the Revolutionary War in a typical colonial uniform. Furthermore, one of Steve Rogers’ foes who has tried to kill him on several occasions is a descendant of William Taurey. William was a cruel man who was killed by the colonial Cap.


Iron Cap

In the bizarre alternate reality of Bullet Points, Steve Rogers was Iron Man, Peter Parker grew up to become the Hulk, and Bruce Banner turned out to be Spider-Man. In this storyline, Steve volunteered for Operation: Iron Man by Howard Stark after Dr. Erksine was killed. He was equally inspirational in the Iron Man suit while fighting in wars. This version of Steve was killed by Peter Parker’s Hulk during a violent conflict.

President Red Skull

In one of the highly disturbing storylines, Red Skull had won the war against Cap. After beating him down, he pressed his thumbs into Captain America’s eye sockets and took his uniform. Not only did he don the Captain America costume, but Red Skull also proceeded towards the White House and declared himself the new President of the United States.


Cap Wolf

Cap was investigating a case of wolf attacks when he encountered the villain Nightshade. She turned him into a wolf by injecting him with a formula. Fortunately, the Super Soldier powers prevented Cap from giving in to his wolf urges. While his physical appearance had transformed into a wolf under the costume, Cap had managed to keep his wolf nature dormant.

Ape Captain America


In the Marvel Apes Universe, not just Captain America, but all the Avengers were apes. These gorillas were quite similar to their Earth-616 counterparts. However, it was later revealed that the ape Captain America was Baron Blood in disguise who had frozen the original ape Cap. The real leader of Ape-vengers was thawed by Wolverine, Gibbon, and Speedball, who later went after Baron Blood together.

Avenging Angel Cap

In the storyline of Universe X, Captain and Mar-Vell fight in a battle against the Realm of the Dead. He is eventually killed by the army and gets transported to Mar-Vell’s realm called Paradise. This storyline was followed up by Paradise X where Cap got upgraded to a strongly built angel with wings. His job was to guide the spirits of the dead to Mar Vell’s Paradise.


Captain America 2099

In Marvel 2099, Captain America was a female named Roberta Mendez. She was forcefully subjected to the Super Soldier Serum by her husband and then turned into Captain America. However, in this case, Roberta had no idea about her counterpart, Captain America.

Colonel America


In the crazy reality of “Marvel Zombies”, Captain America and the other Avengers were infected with the Zombie virus after being attacked by a Sentry. This grotesque zombie version of Cap came to be known as Colonel America for his higher rank. He was far from returning to his previous self, for he fed over thousands of innocents, heroes, and villains.

Mutant X

After Captain America was killed by the Sentinels, his legacy was continued by a mutant. Unfortunately, this mutant left the team of Avengers to join forces with the evil X-Men called Six.


Danielle Cage

Danielle Cage was Jessica Jones and Luke Cage’s daughter. She grew up to become the first Captain America in the issue of “The Pulse”. Danielle’s uniform was not so different from Captain America we know, but she had a shield that responded to her voice commands. She also time travelled from the future and fought alongside Avengers to stop Ultron and the sinister wizard, Moridun.

Hydra Cap


In the storyline of Captain America: Steve Rogers #1, it was revealed, to everyone’s disappointment, that Cap had always been an agent of Hydra. Later, it turned out that Kobik was responsible for this evil alter ego of Cap. She had rewritten the history of Captain America with the Red Skull but took measures to rectify her mistakes.

James Newman

In one of the storylines, Steve Rogers’ super-soldier serum wore out after the powerful and intense wars. He returned to his true self and became a mortal. After his death, Steve Rogers possessed a soldier named James Newman and fought in battles for as long as his country needed him.


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