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‘Always going to be my Superman and Batman’: As Fans Rally Behind Jensen Ackles as DCU’s New Batman, Henry Cavill Fans Voice Support for Ben Affleck’s Grittier Dark Knight

'Always going to be my Superman and Batman': As Fans Rally Behind Jensen Ackles as DCU's New Batman, Henry Cavill Fans Voice Support for Ben Affleck's Grittier Dark Knight

DC has just announced a new world order but even as Batman and Superman gain a secure foothold in the mainstream continuity, the fates of those that represent them remain bleak as ever. In the latest news, the cremated territory of Ben Affleck’s Caped Crusader now becomes the genesis chamber for a new Batman candidate in the form of Jensen Ackles.

The Supernatural actor, having had experience voicing Batman from inside a recording studio can also make for a suitable Batman, but the mass attachment to Batfleck seems too hard to shake off. As the debate rages to and fro between the two actors, Ben Affleck remains reminiscent of the past, while Jensen Ackles serves to remind the audience of the consequences of that past’s failure.

Ben Affleck in the armored Batsuit in BvS
Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight

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Fans Divided Between Ben Affleck and Jensen Ackles

James Gunn’s DCU has a new Batman and he is defined by qualities unseen in the moody Battinson, the mature Dark Knight of Nolan, or the morally bankrupt Batfleck. The new world order seeks to establish a fleshed-out character that witnesses not a story cut into beginnings, middle, or end but rather one that asks a crusader to rise in a time of need, both fictional and real.

The new DCU doesn’t have the luxury of developing a Batman movie simply because it can or because there is a particularly gripping story to tell to the audience. This new Batman, whoever they may be, will be one of the pillars that hold up the DC franchise and its entire future in the years to come. So, a beautifully crafted Batman, executed to perfection – by its actor, the writer, the director, and the cinematographer – is a necessity rather than a desire for the fandom and the franchise.

Batfleck in BvS: Dawn of Justice
Batfleck in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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The new cinematic universe lineup now features a story, The Brave and the Bold, that introduces a 30-something Batman discovering he has a son, Damian Wayne, who is not only a little brat but one that takes up the latest mantle of Boy Wonder. The plot then already washes over the entire formative phase of the Dark Knight and his hot and cold journey with Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, and Tim Drake (if the film follows the chronological arc of the comics).

Masses Rally in Favor of Ben Affleck’s SnyderVerse Batman

Ben Affleck in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice
Ben Affleck as Batman

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No matter how hard the audience may wish to hold on to the remnants of the SnyderVerse via Ben Affleck’s Batman, it is a naïve wish and one that can endanger the entirety of the universe to come. And yet, the heart goes out to the broken, tragic, and antiheroic Batfleck whose portrayal of the character in Batman v Superman and Zack Snyder’s Justice League was otherworldly in terms of the plot, gore, and its sheer gritty storytelling – a quality that is inherently lacking in the modern CBM universes of today.

The new theories that still support Ben Affleck’s stay in DCU are all based on the hope of the DC Elseworlds project that James Gunn has situated in his plans. Located parallel to the mainstream universe, the Elseworlds will serve as a multiversal recounting of the stories that are too important to tell but have no place or meaning within DCU. As such, Matt Reeves x Robert Pattinson’s The Batman universe as well as Todd Phillips x Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker: Folie à Deux will now be hosted by Elseworlds.

In light of this new information, fans have now demanded that the SnyderVerse too be placed under the banner of DC as a multiversal Elseworlds project, still allowing Batfleck a chance at survival.

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Written by Diya Majumdar

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