Who is Juror 15 – Mystery Jury Member Amber Heard Claims Was Planted by Johnny Depp in Defamation Trial


The defamation trial of Johnny Depp against Amber Heard came to an end on June 1st, with the jury deciding in favor of the Pirates of the Caribbean actor. The actor thanked the jury for giving him his life back and has been working to make a comeback. While the actress and her lawyer have claimed that the decision was a “major setback for women.” Ever since the jury has given the verdict, Amber Heard’s team has been trying to get the verdict revoked or changed in some way. Now, they have claimed that one of the jurors was planted by Johnny Depp.

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Amber Heard wants the jury to overturn their decision
Amber Heard wants the jury to overturn their decision

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Amber Heard claims one of the jurors was planted by Johnny Depp

The Jury of the defamation trial comprised seven members. One of them was Juror 15. Amber Heard’s lawyer has filed motion 43 to convince the court to overturn the verdict that demands the actress to pay $10 million as damages to the actor. The filing submitted by the team states a number of different reasons why the verdict should be overturned, including the fact that juror 15 might’ve been compromised.

Amber Heard's attorney has filed motion 43
Amber Heard’s attorney has filed motion 43

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The team has been against the judgment and Elaine Bredehoft had even said in an interview that the jury’s judgment was influenced by the social media and celebrity status of Johnny Depp.

Who is Juror 15?

As the identity of the jurors is protected by the law, there is not much known about the jury members. But the claim includes that the juror was compromised. In the filing, it claimed that his age mentioned in the list of jurors said he was born in 1945 but he appeared to be much younger. According to the claim, he appeared to have been born decades after the said age. They have demanded the court look into it.


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Filing claimed juror 15 was compromised
The filing claimed juror 15 was compromised

The filing, as reported by Law & Crime, read, “The Court should investigate whether juror 15 properly served on the jury. On the juror list panel sent to counsel before voir dire, the Court noted that the individual who would later be designated juror 15 had the birth year of 1945. Juror 15, however, was clearly born later than 1945. Publicly available information demonstrates that he appears to have been born in 1970. This discrepancy raises the question of whether juror 15 actually received a summons for jury duty and was properly vetted by the Court to serve on the jury.”


Amber Heard and her team have been against the judgment

The day the judgment came out the actress posted on Instagram, calling the judgment a setback for women. Soon after, her lawyer, Elaine Bredehoft, appeared in an interview where she repeated the same thing and blamed social media and Johnny Depp’s status for their loss. She said that they had a number of evidence that the Fairfax court did not allow them to present. And said that it was presented in the UK court.

A number of proof was not allowed to be presented in the trial
A lot of proof was not allowed to be presented in the trial

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Amber Heard has been keeping a low profile after the judgment, but recently gave an exclusive interview, where she too claimed that there was other evidence too including psychologist’s notes that had the details of the abuse she had been through date by date.

No confirmation has come forward yet that claims that there will be an investigation on juror 15.


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