Amber Heard’s Best Friend Eve Barlow Trolls Johnny Depp’s MTV Performance in the Most Unethical Way Possible: “Depp performed for two seconds, too soon?”

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There’s not much to know about Eve Barlow except that she recently became famous for aiming a double entendre at Johnny Depp regarding his VMA 2022 appearance. For those who haven’t bothered to keep track of the still developing story at the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard forum, a comment was made by a close friend of the latter that served as a crude yet euphemistic reminder of the Grindelwald actor’s accidentally disclosed erectile dysfunction.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp arrives at the 2022 VMAs, his first public appearance since the defamation trial

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The Accidental Revelation of Unnecessary Information

Now that the two main objects of our perpetual fascination have receded back into their “normal” lives, the fans of the resurrected actor who made a Napoleonic comeback with his Fairfax trial victory accidentally contributed to denting his winning streak by revealing some sealed court documents to the public eye. The papers which were meant to further damage Amber Heard‘s already incinerated reputation instead pivoted the spotlight on the 59-year-old actor for reasons that are self-explanatory.

Amber Heard
Amber Heard exits court after the Fairfax trial verdict

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Johnny Depp has been a close associate of Marilyn Manson for a long time now and the alleged misdeeds of the pair were not hard to wrap one’s mind around. But even against such a vital info drop, the one aspect which stood out among the overload of information was the actor’s erectile dysfunction. Depp’s fanbase considered this irrelevant while the Amber Heard posse found it veritably entertaining, and it quickly became the one thing that the actor hasn’t been able to rise above (pun intended).

Johnny Depp at the VMA 2022
Johnny Depp at the VMA 2022

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Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Saga Continues Via Proxy

In the ensuing saga of the meaningless virtual duel between Depp’s defenders and Heard’s heretics, close friends and acquaintances have intermittently come forward with a quip or two about the former and capitulated after their 15 minutes of fame. In the latest case, however, one blow landed a bit harsh as Eve Barlow commented, “Depp performed for two seconds, too soon?” with reference to his short MTV VMA cameo, the first public appearance since his defamation trial.


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Although considered a below-the-belt insult delivered in the most underhanded manner possible, in an era where battles are waged with words wielded as weapons, one has to appreciate the damage delivered in a sentence with just seven. Barlow’s comments have undoubtedly riled up Depp’s fanbase as they prepare for phase two of the battle with a comeback yet to be made known.


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