‘Don’t forget Amber Heard used ill children for merit’: Johnny Depp Fans Call Out Amber Heard for Exploiting Children’s Charities after New Leaks Put Depp in Bad Light

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The Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard defamation trial has been over for more than two months now. The verdict was delivered. The case had been settled. But people have not moved on. The celebrity face-off had been building to the point of eruption since November 2018. As each party went back and forth wearing the mask of a victim or the perpetrator, the defamation trial against Amber Heard which Johnny Depp won in the US served for several weeks as an overwhelming public sensation.

Depp v Heard
Depp v Heard continues to occupy the public arena as sensational evidence comes to light

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Now, as the summer gradually wears off, so does the public’s patience with the constant deluge of new evidence and shifting of the scales. Sealed documents have recently come to light and public opinions are starting to shift yet again as Johnny Depp’s reputation is thrown into chaos.


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Sealed Documents Spark Public Debates in the Case

On June 1, the jury ruled Amber Heard guilty of the allegations that Johnny Depp and his team of lawyers had charged her with, in the celebrity defamation trial of the century. However, the defendant, Amber Heard immediately appealed the verdict causing Depp to retaliate with an appeal of his own to strike the $2 million that he was due to pay her in the trial’s aftermath.

Amber Heard
Amber Heard during an appearance outside the courthouse

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Since then, the excitement wore out and Amber Heard had essentially lost everything until new evidence recently came to light after Depp’s fans reportedly paid $3000 to dig out several documents that were allegedly sealed by Johnny Depp and his lawyers so as to not have them featured in court. The documents contained, on its record, a litany of text messages, inappropriate accusations, and enough statements regarding both parties to make the public pause and reconsider.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp listens in the courtroom during the defamation trial against ex-wife, Amber Heard

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Public Remembers Johnny Depp’s Charitable Donations

The new pieces of evidence show Depp making petty and distasteful allegations against his former wife in order to gain a professional and ethical higher ground. There also exists a chain of inappropriate text messages allegedly exchanged between young women and Marilyn Manson, a close confidante and long-term friend of Depp’s. As the evidence keeps portraying Depp in a negative light, fans come to the actor’s aid by reminding the world how Heard had manipulated the claims of using her divorce settlement for charity.




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The trial has not been kind to either Johnny Depp or Amber Heard within the industry or outside. Having basically been exiled from the former and criticized by the latter, the few outspoken supporters who had steadfastly remained beside Depp, have now begun to shrink back from their earlier standpoint. One of the major causal factors remains the leaked documents.


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