‘Fate Has a Cruel Sense of Humor’: Johnny Depp Fans Unearthing Sealed Documents Reveal Disgusting S*x Chats With Minors With Marilyn Manson, Amber Heard Stans Convinced He’s Going Down

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Gripped in the Depp v. Heard case for weeks, the world got to see some of the most private aspects of the couple’s life. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor saw a spike in his popularity and support over the years, with #JusticeForJohnnyDepp trending over Twitter, TikTok, and many more social media apps.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp alongside his lawyer Ben Chew during the trial.

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Even after the end of the trial, the fans remained divided over the verdict. The last time the public was this engrossed in a celebrity case was the infamous OJ Simpson case. With the conversation over the case still not over, it’s less likely to see an end after recent events.


Hidden documents in the Depp v. Heard case

In a surprising turn of events, after more than 6000 documents from the Depp v. Heard case were released, fans from both sides found shocking facts hidden from the jury. Now Amber Heard’s fans are claiming that the new documents cement Johnny Depp as guilty.

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Johnny Depp
The Depp v. Heard case was infamously live stream, leading to many questioning the decision.

The actor had sent texts to Amber heard seemingly admitting to kicking her, which was admitted in the UK case but not the one at Fairfax County Circuit Court. Furthermore, he also seemed to have shared frustration with Marilyn Manson over their exes, who is also in a court battle currently.


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Some of the documents even showed how Johnny Depp’s attorneys fought to keep testimonies about the actor’s arrest records and pending litigations off the case, including an assault lawsuit, later settled in July.

Johnny Depp’s new damning texts

In one of the other hidden texts released, Amber Heard fans claim the Ed Wood actor was involved in grooming young girls, while also offering Marilyn Manson asylum from the police who were apparently after him.


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A fan also claimed Johnny Depp’s fans shot themselves in the foot after getting the documents released by crowdsourcing thousands of dollars, comparing the action to flat earthers using the scientific testing equipment to prove the earth was flat, only to be proven wrong.

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