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Amber Midthunder is “Ready” for Prey Sequel, Says They “Talk All the Time”

Amber Midthunder is “Ready” for Prey Sequel, Says They “Talk All the Time”

Prey star Amber Midthunder hints that she is ready for the sequel and that there have been ongoing discussions about the project. The horror action drama became one of the most successful movies of 2022, thus it deserves a follow-up.

Amber Midthunder Prey
Amber Midthunder in Prey (2022)

There has been no official confirmation as of yet, but the popularity of the Predator franchise could carry the sequel into action. The movie debuted directly on Hulu, and the rise of online streaming platforms invites more audiences to watch movies from the comfort of their homes.

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Prey Star Amber Midthunder Reveals Discussion For Sequel Is Ongoing

Amber Midthunder spoke with Variety during the red carpet of the Bafta Tea Party and revealed that she is down for a Prey sequel:

I don’t have a date for you. This is not an announcement, but I’m not saying it is not. We talk all the time about a lot of things and that’s probably one. I’m ready. I loved that experience. I love that movie. And I would be happy to, you know, see where else we can take it.”

Dan Trachtenberg’s Prey film climbed to the charts and remained at the number one spot for weeks. It also became the most-watched movie in Latin America.

Amber Midthunder
Amber Midthunder

Amber Midthunder’s rose to fame was not an overnight success. Before she starred in Prey, the actress also appeared in the Banshee series. She also starred in The CW’s Roswell, Mexico and The Originals. Many fans would recognize her from Marvel’s Legion. The actress will soon play the part of Princess Yue in Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender live-action series.

The Prey star commented on the success of the movie:

Just having reached so many different groups and so many different audiences, and types of people and communities that could enjoy our movie. Whether was like the classic predator fans, or was indigenous communities or was… I have so many people telling me that they saw it and enjoyed it.”

With so many projects laid down for Midthunder, she will definitely bring more unique and exceptional characters to life.

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What Happened In The Predator Prequel Movie?

Amber Midthunder Prey
Amber Midthunder in Prey (2022)

The Predator prequel follows Naru (Midthunder) who seems like an outcast from her tribe due to her refusal to participate in the assigned roles of her culture. Her skills and wits propelled her to become the heroine of the story as she goes toe-to-toe with a Predator alien.

In one of her previous interviews with EW, Midthunder said, “I’m sure that nobody would make something again if it wasn’t amazing,” when asked about the rumored sequel. She also noted that whatever the decision of the studio will be the right choice.

Prey is now streaming via Hulu.

Source: Variety, EW

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