Amidst Employee Controversy, Rockstar Games Have Announced New GTA 5 Content

Players may be happy with new content, but developers continue to voice their displeasure regarding Rockstar’s new office policy.

Amidst Employee Controversy, Rockstar Games Have Announced New GTA 5 Content


  • Rockstar Games has announced new content for GTA Online.
  • Called The Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid, the heist is slated to launch on March 7th.
  • The announcement was made amidst the backlash Rockstar is facing due to a mandated return to office policy.
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It seems the great employee return has hit Rockstar Games, with the company mandating employees now head to their respective offices to work five days a week. Companies around the world are now reinstating the work-from-office schedule, something many thought they were done with since the pandemic. 


While people are calling out this policy and expressing their displeasure, Rockstar has just now announced some additional content coming to GTA 5. Was this always in the pipeline and just happened to be a coincidence, or is this a way to placate public sentiment? We’ll let you be the judge of that. 

Rockstar Games Releases New GTA Online Content During Work from Home Debate

Rockstar Games is giving you cartels to kick come March 7.
Rockstar Games is giving you cartels to kick, come March 7.

The announcement was broadcast via the official Rockstar Games handle on X. Labeled The Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid, players will be taking on corrupt LSPD cops and a new cartel in the expansion. The announcement called it an “action-packed new story update” that is slated for release on March 7 for GTA Online


The Rockstar Games site says the DLC will start when the player gets contacted by former Diamond Casino head of security and presently LSPD officer, Vincent Effenburger, to shut down a new cartel operating a large-scale gig out of the Cluckin’ Bell factory in Paleto Bay. The GTA Online DLC is also going to bring new vehicles to customize, including the Bravado Gauntlet Interceptor Law Enforcement Vehicle. 

This heist was briefly teased during the Salvage Yard Robberies and Drag Races introduced within the same update. Vincent even contacted the player on February 22, 2024, during the Impaler SZ Week regarding the farm raid.


Clearly, this expansion has been teased for a while now, but the announcement may be a smokescreen to draw attention away from a very real issue for employees. 

Employees Called Back to Office as GTA 6 Development Nears its End

With GTA 6 in its final development phase, devs are feeling the pressure.
With GTA 6 in its final development phase, devs are feeling the pressure.

GTA 6, the next magnum opus from Rockstar Games, is in its final phase of development. As with any game that is close to completion, it is all hands-on deck, with many employees sharing news of crunch time pressure now permeating amongst the devs. 

Employees were told this week that they would be required to come into the office five days a week starting in April, citing security risks and productivity, as well as touting the “tangible benefits” of working from the office. 


Rockstar Games has suffered security risks in the past and is understandably worried about data for their upcoming game being leaked. However, many devs are not happy with this decision, and took to X to tweet their displeasure. Some even calling a return to the office synonymous with layoffs.

Rockstar’s employees, too, are not happy with this turn of events and expressed worry about their work-life balance. The pandemic brought about a paradigm shift for remote working, but it seems companies are choosing to revert to their old ways.

Do you think working from the office is essential for productivity? Is Rockstar Games justified in their worry about security risks? Let us know in the comments below.

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