An Old Folktale May Have a Significant Connection to Chainsaw Man’s Control Devil Because of a Unique Hypnotic Flute

Pied Piper and Control Devil might be connected to each other

An Old Folktale May Have a Significant Connection to Chainsaw Man’s Control Devil Because of a Unique Hypnotic Flute


  • Chainsaw Man has been one of the most hot-selling manga's of 2023.
  • Fans draw striking similarities between Pied Piper and Control Devil.
  • According to a popular theory, Pied Piper was a puppet of Control Devil as well.
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Chainsaw Man has lately been one of the world’s biggest fan-favorite comics and has been rapidly rising on the ranking charts of MangaPlus. The story created by Tatsuki Fujimoto manages to allure viewers with his simple yet profound writing.

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 150 released
Chainsaw Man Chapter 150

Recently, fans have started to spot similarities between Control Devil, one of the antagonists in Part 2 of Chainsaw Man, and Pied Piper. They believe they are very similar and draw connections from Nayuta, Makima, and Ped Piper due to their adjoining similar traits.


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Control Devil from Chainsaw Man and Pied Piper from the old folktales might be connected

Control Devil plays a crucial role in Part 2 of Chainsaw Man and is one of the most intriguing characters; they have not made a move yet.


Makima was the puppet of Control Devil in Part 1 of Chainsaw Man, which was serialized from 2018 to 2020.

Part 2 of the story features Nayuta as the next host of Control Devil, and fans see striking similarities between the host and Pied Piper.


According to a popular theory, Pied Piper might have been one of the puppets of the Control Devil due to his abilities.

barem addresses nayuta as a witch
Denji Protecting Nayuta

The puppets can control animals and humans, and surprisingly, Pied Piper has the same power, from which he charmed the kids and could also control the rats.


Another aspect is the color theme. As seen in the eyes of Makima, the eyes of the control devil are yellow with multiple red rings, alluding to how the Pied Piper used to be depicted.

Although Makima and Nayuta can be seen as humans based on appearance, they aren’t. It might have been the same with Pied Piper, who used to attract kids with his flute skills.


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What’s next for Chainsaw Man?

Chainsaw Man recently released Chapter 150, which might be one of the saddest chapters in the series.


The chapter focused on the tragedy that struck Denji and Nayuta as they were in dire situations.
Part 2 of the story continues to get more and more adverse for Denji, with a war upcoming between humanity and devils.

As for the anime, season 1 aired in 2022 and received mixed reviews from the fans; however, the Blu-ray sales of the series were highly terrible and below expectations.

Denji Chainsaw Man
Denji Chainsaw Man

No significant updates on season 2 have been released as of now. Mappa is currently animating numerous animes, and it is difficult for them to add another one to their ongoing projects.

Fans might have to wait a few years before they can finally see Denji and the rest of the squad back on their screens.


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