10 Anime Characters And Their Marvel Counterparts


Marvel Comics and Anime both have a huge fan base all around the world. They have their own unique culture, but both Marvel and Anime share some similarities. Some elements like powerful lead characters are common in both. Let’s take a look at Anime characters and their Marvel counterparts.

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1. Spider-Man & Naruto – Both Spider-Man and Naruto had their respective goals. Peter was always ready to learn new skills and wanted to protect his neighborhood. On the other hand, Naruto wanted to become the world’s best ninja and protect the Hidden Leaf. Also, in nature, both are very fun going and talkative.

Split images of Spider Man crouching in and Naruto smiling


2. Hulk & Broly (Dragon Ball Z) – ‘Green’ is common between the two characters. Hulk has a big green body, and Broly has green hair. Both are capable of immense destruction; though Hulk is a hero in the Marvel universe, he might turn into a villain at times. Broly, too, faces a problem when it comes to controlling his rage. Both can be equally destructive at times.

Split images of Hulk with torn clothes and Broly shouting in Dragon Ball Z

3. Thor & All Might – Thor is an Asgardian thunder God in Marvel. He has a hammer which showcases immense power. By nature, Thor is a friendly and joyful person. All-Might has a very similar personality to Thor; he too has a vibrant smile on his face. Both Thor and All-Might are full of optimism.

Split images of Thor wielding a hammer and All Might raising his hand in My Hero Academia


4. Captain Marvel & Kale – Captain Marvel is full of energy and has superhuman strength. She’s one of the most powerful Marvel characters. When she turns into the fiery version of herself, she closely reminds us of the Super Saiyan form, something Kale is able to achieve. Kale also grows into a more aggressive version, and the scale of her powers increase.

Split images of Captain Marvel in comics and Kale entering Super Saiyan mode with clenched fists in Dragonball Z

5. Black Widow & Mikasa Ackerman – Black Widow’s life took a new direction after she became a part of the Avengers. Though she was not that strong, she is stronger in a one-on-one combat. Mikasa is also one of the most skilled fighters in her universe. She’s the best in whatever she does. Both of them have excellent fighting skills.

Split images of Black Widow holding a bow and Mikasa Ackerman in Attack On Titan


6. Iron Man & Kambe Daisuke – Iron Man, aka Tony Stark, can be described as Marvel’s greatest Avenger. Millionaire Detective’ lead, Kambe Daisuke, has a very similar personality. He, too, uses his financial resources to benefit the world with the latest of technologies. Both, Tony and Kambe, maintain a heroic and impulsive nature.

Split images of Iron Man holding a helmet and Kambe Daisuke in Millionaire Detective

7. Captain America & Erwin Smith – Captain America is the world’s first super-soldier and an able leader of the Avengers. He has leadership qualities just like the hero Erwin Smith. Both of them are respectable leaders who are ready to sacrifice themselves whenever needed.

Split images of Captain America holding his shielf and Erwin Smith in Attack On Titan


8. Hawkeye & Tigre – Hawkeye is an expert in archery. He can be easily manipulated by his enemies, a very similar personality Tigre has in Lord Marksman And Vanadis. He also has a specific attraction towards archery, just like Hawkeye.

Split images of Hawkeye firing arrows and Tigre wielding a boy while riding a horse in Lord Marksman and Vanadis

9. Doctor Strange & Aizawa – Doctor Strange has a strong personality, but he has a heart of gold and shows a deep sense of care towards younger superheroes. Aizawa can be the counterpart of Doctor Strange. He also serves as a teacher in My Hero Academia. He too helps his juniors whenever needed.

Split images of Doctor Strange using his fingers and Aizawa in My Hero Academia


10. Black Panther & Piccolo – Ending the list of Anime characters and their Marvel counterparts, with the ruler of Wakanda and a mighty hero, Black Panther. He follows strategies and takes rational decisions. Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z has similar characteristics. He too takes analytical choices. Though, both the heroes discover their shortcomings and work on them.

Split images of Black Panther standing with his hands stretched out and Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z




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