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Another Johnny Depp Trial Incoming? That’s So Raven Star Orlando Brown Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges, Accused of Threatening Victim With Hammer and Knife

orlando brown

The infamous defamation case of Depp v. Heard made headlines all over the world this year. But it looks like 2022 might just witness yet another legal battle involving a popular celebrity before the year comes to an end.

Orlando Brown
Orlando Brown

Former Disney Channel alum and rapper Orlando Brown recently got arrested on the grounds of domestic violence and is currently imprisoned for the same. The incident leading to his arrest took place on Thursday when the Family Matters star got involved in a heated fight and allegedly even threatened the victim in question.

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Orlando Brown Goes to Jail for Domestic Violence

On December 23, 2022, Orlando Brown was arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence after the police were informed of a fight in the neighborhood that took place between the former child star and his brother.

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Orlando Brown is charged with domestic violence
Orlando Brown is charged with domestic violence

According to his brother, Matthew, his house had been undergoing renovation but he allowed Brown to stay at his place for about two weeks since the latter had no residence of his own. The victim then claimed that Brown had been acting “crazy.” The actor from That’s So Raven allegedly even threatened the victim with a hammer along with a “broken-off knife blade.”

The victim stated that no harm was carried out by Brown as he eventually put the weapons in question down. However, as per reports, the former is still planning on pressing charges against his brother.

Brown, 35, is currently incarcerated at the Allen County Sherriff’s Office.

Orlando Brown Has Bad Blood With the Law

This wouldn’t be the first time that Brown has gotten into serious trouble with authorities as the Major Payne actor shares a rather adverse history with the law.

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Orlando Brown in That's So Raven

Orlando Brown from That’s So Raven has been charged with drug possession on more than one occasion and was even arrested for giving death threats back in 2014. In fact, he has himself been vocal about the former and has opened up about his battle with drug abuse during various instances. Yet another one of his legal troubles occurred in 2018, in Las Vegas when he was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

While this recent case might not be his first rodeo, Brown’s concerning history with law enforcement might just act against him this time.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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