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Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Allegedly Undergoing Gargantuan Level of Reshoots To Give Ben Affleck’s Batman More Screen-Time, Fans Ask What About Amber Heard’s Mera?


Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom saw yet another delay post the difficulties it faced during the COVID era. Undergoing massive reshoots after the entire debacle with Amber Heard and the decision to give Ben Affleck even more screen time than initially intended, the sequel has seen a rollercoaster of responses from the day it was announced.

What began with a small petition to remove Amber Heard from the movie led WB to instead minimize her screen time. The fans were not happy with the response and wanted her removed altogether, however, that was not to be.

Aquaman and Batman
Aquaman and Batman

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From Reshoots To COVID To Rewrites; Aquaman Sees Another Push

Ben Affleck’s role which was only a cameo at first soon became a bigger role, probably as big as that of a side character rather than a single appearance. Perhaps in an attempt to pull the spotlight away from the actress herself, the Jason Momoa movie continues to create obstacles for itself from one to another.

Reliable sources, who first disclosed Henry Cavill‘s return in Black Adam said that the movie would be seeing more of Batman. The rewrites are focused purely to fit the DCEU’s ten-year vision enfolding further. What may be seen right from Black Adam itself would only be followed by the tone set in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.


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The Planning For Aquaman

The role was first set out to be Michael Keaton’s Batman, but it can be seen that Ben Affleck would be replacing him in the role and with more than just a post-credit scene. However, there has been no news of Amber Heard’s Mera, how much screen time she has, or if she still plays a part in the movie at all. It has not yet been confirmed whether the character of Mera would be removed altogether or would the actress be replaced instead.

Amber Heard as Mera in Aquaman (2018).
Amber Heard as Mera in Aquaman (2018).

The fans themselves wish to know about her fate, seeing how the movie’s run time would be increasing. The various petitions to remove Heard from the movie and the franchise itself have made a huge impact on the DCEU and the public.

The DCEU Sees a Change of Game Plan

The ten-year plan that WB is constructing with DC seems to see its beginning with Black Adam, followed by the heavy movie lineup; Shazam! Fury of the Gods, The Flash, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and Blue Beetle, are all seemingly a part of it. Seeing the upcoming cameo of Henry Cavill in Black Adam returning as the ever-loved iconic character Superman, Ben Affleck too set a place for himself in the franchise as the prime universe’s Batman.

Jason Momoa and actress Eiza González are reportedly spending time together.
Jason Momoa

Playing the trusted leader of the Justice League, Affleck’s Batman will soon be seen assisting Jason Momoa’s Aquaman in the upcoming film after another inevitable delay.

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Source: Bounding Into Comics

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