Fans Believe Arcane Season 2 Trailer Confirms Huge Theory

The first look trailer seems to briefly reveal Warwick.

Fans Believe Arcane Season 2 Trailer Confirms Huge Theory


  • Netflix and Riot Games released the first trailer for Arcane Season 2.
  • The trailer seems to confirm a long-discussed fan theory.
  • Arcane Season 2 is set to premiere in November 2024.
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Netflix and Riot Games have finally released a first look trailer for the highly-awaited season 2 of Arcane, the animated series based on the popular game, League of Legends. The teaser confirmed the release date for the next season, which will arrive three years after the show’s premiere in 2021.


The first season told the origin stories of the popular League of Legends champions and even introduced some new characters. The second season is going to bring even more new characters, but that’s not all, as the trailer has also confirmed a huge theory from season one.

Arcane Season 2 Trailer Confirms a Popular Fan Theory

Arcane Season 2 trailer has been released.
Arcane season 2 trailer has been released.

Arcane season one was released back in 2021 and received praise and critical acclaim. The animated show was renewed for another season, but audiences had been waiting for any news on the upcoming season. However, the lack of information did not stop the fans from looking for easter eggs and what the next season of the show could bring.


The newly released trailer is around 45 seconds long and features Singed, the mad scientist who is completing his blood transfusion, checking the pocketwatch in his hands. When Singed looks up, a large beast is seen hanging above his head, which almost confirms the fan theory that Vander the Hound of the Underground and father of Vi and Jinx who died in season one, is Warwick.

For those unaware, Warwick is a monster from League of Legends who was transformed by experiments, is attracted to blood, and now lives in the undergrounds of Zaun. He was once a gangster, but Singed took his body to the lab and turned him into a monster with an experiment, giving him uncontrolled rage and blood thirst. This reveal in the brief teaser suggests that Warwick will play an important role in season 2 of the series.

The teaser confirms a popular fan theory that Vander is Warwick.
The teaser confirms a popular fan theory that Vander is Warwick.

Fans are now wondering if the theory turns out to be true, how will Warwick reveal himself to Vi and Jinx, and how they will react to this. The theory about Vander being Warwick started when fans started recognizing several similarities in their stories, in-game voice lines, hints in the show such as his growling voice in episode three of season one, and more.


The fans also believed this theory more because of the lore of the champion, which hints at his past life as a gangster before he left the crime world. Although the fans are celebrating that the show is finally back after a long wait, there are several questions that they are asking such as how Riot Games will bring Warwick to the series. Will it reimagine or bring him out of League of Legends?

The upcoming season will be released in November 2024.
The upcoming season will be released in November 2024.

While Netflix and Riot Games are keeping everything under wraps for now, fans are excited to learn more in the coming future. Nothing else is known about the second season other than that Hailee Steinfeld, Ella Purnell, and Katie Leung who voice Vi, Jinx, and Caitlyn Kiramman respectively will reprise their roles. More details on other additional voice casting are still to be announced. Fans can expect to learn more as the series nears its now official release date which is November 2024.

A few months back it was officially confirmed that Arcane is part of the canon and is connected directly to League of Legends. Now, everything in the animated series will be the same as players have seen in the game. It will be exciting to see how Vi and Jinx’s stories go further and if this season will be the end of their saga as rumored.


Arcane season 2 has a lot of hype around it and seeing how Season one was an immense success, winning the Emmy Award for Best Animated Program, it is understandable why players can’t wait for the upcoming season.

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