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Are Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield Dating? Fans Feel Romance Sparks Flying in Oscars 2023: ‘Yelena and Spider-Man from another universe’

florence pugh andrew garfield as spiderman and yelena belova

Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield got on stage together for the 95th Academy Awards as presenters and that has been enough for fans to start shipping them. It does not take long for fans to latch onto an idea and give life to it. Whether it is a rumor or a confirmed piece of information, anything minute that could sprout the interest of the audience grows.

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Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield

Although there is no confirmation as such, the idea of Andrew Garfield and Florence Pugh dating has made the fans jump. Their appearance at the Oscars was just as iconic as Jenna Ortega and Aubrey Plaza presenting during the SAG Awards. However, the question that gets raised is, are Pugh and Garfield together?

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Florence Pugh And Andrew Garfield Turn Heads During The Oscars

Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield walked with their arms intertwined during the Oscars and the actress did not let go of him while they were presenting. The two were the one duo no one knew they needed to see until they actually made an appearance. The demands for them to be in a movie together have already started sprouting. Pugh’s dress was already creating an audience and upon seeing the two joined to the hip during the ceremony, fans started wondering whether or not the two are dating.

Andrew Garfield and Florence Pugh
Andrew Garfield and Florence Pugh during the Oscars

They were presenting the award for Best Original Screenplay and fans have now become adamant that they are the new biggest duo. If the rumors hadn’t been enough, their sly banter was more of a fuel for the audience to murmur about their relationship status and how good they looked together. Their chemistry during the Oscars had been unmistakably radiant and the sparks were not missed by the fans either.

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Fans Get Excited After Seeing Florence Pugh And Andrew Garfield Together

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Pugh and Garfield

After the fans saw the two walking together and talking with each other, it did not take them long to speculate and get excited over how adorable they looked together. They are already making ship names for the two and are demanding to see them together more often.

The fact that he too was making sure that the actress held onto him gave more of a reason for the audience to scream and squeal. They cannot wait to see the two in a movie together because their dynamics fit so well during the ceremony.

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