Are these the Next 6 Pals to be Joining the Palworld Roster?

New Pals could be coming any minute now.

Are these the Next 6 Pals to be Joining the Palworld Roster?


  • Palworld could be adding new, never-seen Pals to the game, according to some images posted on Reddit.
  • The similarities with Pokémon continue, and some of these new Pals are very familiar to creatures that you've seen before.
  • There is no official confirmation from Palworld social media about these possible new Pals.
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The hit game Palworld was a tremendous success for Pocketpair; the game has a record-breaking concurrent player number on Steam. This title, with similar mechanics as the Pokémon franchise but with very different ones, has proven to be a very good contender to the Nintendo saga.


The studio behind Palworld has already confirmed a roadmap for the future of the game. New areas to explore, PvP battles, Raids, and much more. Now, according to Reddit, new Pals are coming to the game. 

Palworld may be bring more Pals to play with

Palworld is one of the most popular games of 2024 so far
Palworld is one of the most popular games of 2024 so far

One of the most controversial things that Palworld has is that almost every Pal available is very similar to an existing Pokémon. Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have not made any legal attacks on the creators of Palworld for the moment. According to some rumors, most of the Pals were made partially by IA, so Pocketpair does not have official models of these characters in certain ways. The Pals will keep having a resemblance to Pokémon; there are more than 1000 Pokémon available.


Thanks to Reddit’s user, BernLan, there may be the opportunity for some new Pals in the future. After checking the trailers, screenshots and more for any Pals that weren’t in the final game, BernLan made a list of who wasn’t in the final build. There are six new Pals in total, all of whom have images of very low quality, and some of these possible new Pals are very similar to others that are in the game already.

New Pals new Pokémon plagiarism?

A possible new Pal coming to Palworld
A possible new Pal coming to Palworld

This was new and apparently never-seen-before Pals has a lot of similarities to existing Pokémon. One of these Pals looks just like Mewtwo Y, one of the Mega-Evolutions of the legendary Pokémon; the other is very similar to the legendary Pokémon Kyogre. Another of these new Pals has a lot of details that are very similar to Reshiram, another legendary Pokémon.

The remaining Pals have not so many similarities to other Pokémon, but there is no confirmation that these new creatures have been in Palworld.


Palworld has many Pals to capture and choose from. At the moment, Pocketpair and players have confirmed that there are a total of 137 Pals available across the entire map. That is almost as many as the first generation of Pokémon had back in 1996. According to the roadmap, in the next few months, a lot of new content will come to the game. The concurrent players for Palworld are more than 400,000 on Steam, a very good number for any game. 

Tell us what you think about these new possible Pals.


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