Arlecchino’s True Purpose of Visiting Fontaine – Assassination Attempt of Genshin Impact’s Archon Explained

Arlecchino’s True Purpose of Visiting Fontaine - Assassination Attempt of Genshin Impact’s Archon Explained
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Genshin Impact has never been shy when it comes to its story. From exploring darker aspects to having a more fun and friendly environment, there is no doubt about how planned the story really is. Every chapter offers a new outlook and gives the players the lore that they have so deeply been waiting for. With this, they have introduced the Fatui.

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Arlecchino with Lyney and Lynette

The Fatui are diplomats for the Tsarita of Snezhnaya, the Cryo Archon. Although the sole purpose of their goal is unclear, they have often been shown as people not to be messed with, especially the Harbingers. While some are shown as villains, others have a more morally grey if not completely white concept of thinking. This has made it more than difficult to understand whether they are the true villains of the game.

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What is Arlecchino Trying to Achieve in Genshin Impact’s Fontaine?

There are a total of eleven rankings amongst the Fatui Harbingers and nine of them are still actively working under the Tsarita of Snezhnaya. While Signora was turned to ash by the Raiden Shogun, killing her in the process, Scaramouche erased himself from existence. Arlecchino is the fourth of the Fatui Harbingers, also known as the Knave and Father to the children of the House of Heart, an orphanage. According to the final panel showcase of the Genshin Impact Archon Quest Cataclysm’s Quickening, she finally reveals her true purpose of being in Fontaine.


“My goal is just to discover the location of the Gnosis, but I didn’t expect the chance to approach Furina to be handed to me on a silver platter. This is so easy it is actually making me suspicious. Anything left unguarded is usually just bait. But no one will blame someone for taking the bait. After all, from the moment it was attached to the hook, the bait is meant to be sacrificed.”

Most of the time, the Harbingers are after the Archons and their Gnoses. It happened with Venti in Mondstadt where Signora took the Gnosis, same with Liyue and Zhongli. In Inazuma it was taken by Scaramouche and for Sumeru it had been taken by Dottore. For Fontaine, the one in charge seems to be Arlecchino. She too had initially come to the nation of Hydro in order to obtain the Gnosis, a goal that has not yet changed. However, things became complicated very quickly.

As per patch 4.1’s trailer and also the end sequence, the Knave sent Lyney, Lynette, and Freminet into the Fortress of Meropide to investigate Wriothesley’s plans and the real reason as to why Childe went missing.


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Arlecchino Just Cares About Fontaine

After Childe went missing from the Fortress of Meropide, Arliccheno found it as a perfect excuse to pressure the Court of Fontaine, Neuvillette, and Furina, to not only give her details about the state of Fontaine but also of the Gnosis. After Lyney gets accused of murder and to be the one behind the disappearances of the various Fontainian women, it becomes personal for her as Lyney belongs to the House of Hearth. As per the Genshin Impact prophecy stated below, the Hydro Archon is cursed to be alone.


 “The people will all be dissolved into the waters. And only the Hydro Archon will remain, weeping on her throne.”

As per Arlecchino’s observation, Furina seemed to be cursed as well, although not in possession of the Gnosis. Not only does the Harbinger want to protect Fontaine, but she also wants to learn the truth behind Furina and her existence as an Archon so weak that she could be killed in an instant. The Knave trying to assassinate Focalors started off as an attempt to take the Gnosis but very quickly turned into the need to not only find out the truth behind Childe’s disappearance but also that of the reality of Fontaine.


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