Arnold Schwarzenegger Channeled Dwayne Johnson’s Baywatch Character to Save Drowning Man, Swam 100 Yards With Struggling Swimmer Like a Jog in the Park

Arnold Schwarzenegger Channeled Dwayne Johnson's Baywatch Character to Save Drowning Man, Swam 100 Yards With Struggling Swimmer Like a Jog in the Park

Arnold Schwarzenegger has portrayed plenty of on-screen heroes in films like Predator, Collateral Damage, and more. The bodybuilder turned actor came to America, defying his abusive father from Austria, to start his life afresh. Turns out, his real-life story is as inspirational as his silver screen one.

The star, who is best known for the Terminator franchise, is well known for promoting fitness and health. Even at 75 years of age, the actor regularly wows his fans with his physique. This dedication towards his fitness once allowed him to save the life of a drowning man.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Swam 100 Yards To Save The Life Of A Stranger 

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Sydney Morning Herald reported in 2004 that when Arnold Schwarzenegger was vacationing in Hawaii with his family, he saw someone drowning in the waters of a Maui beach. So he sprang into action. The site wrote:

“He saw a man in distress in the water and brought him back to the shore. The man was hanging onto a boogie board and the governor knew there was something wrong and asked the guy if he was okay.” 

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Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

When he received a negative reply from the man saying that he was stuck in the water due to severe cramps, Schwarzenegger went into total Baywatch mode to save the man. The outlet reported:

“The swimmer said he had cramps all over and couldn’t swim back to shore, so the governor told him to hang on and swam him 100 yards (meters) back to the beach… Schwarzenegger trod water in the six-meter deep sea while he got the man onto the boogie board then towed him back to shore.”

He brought the man back to the shore even though he had to swim 100 yards in 6 feet deep water to make that happen. But that’s not all. He even sat with the man afterwards to support him after the horrifying incident.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Supported And Helped The Man He Saved 

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

After Arnold Schwarzenegger saved the drowning man in Hawaii, he didn’t just walk up and leave. Instead, the actor sat with the man to ensure that he was alright and didn’t leave till he was certain that he was feeling okay. The Sunday Mirror reported:

“Arnie sat with this guy for quite a while as he had cramps, was breathless and a bit shaken up… It’s not every day that one of the world’s most famous movie heroes saves you from drowning. I’m sure he’ll be telling all his friends although they might not believe him.”

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Schwarzenegger is an inspiration to many not just because of his bodybuilding and fitness, but also because of his actions like the above. This incident alone catapulted him to a higher pedestal in the eyes of his fans. As such, the Terminator star continues to be someone to look up to. On the work front, he recently starred in the Netflix original, FUBAR.

SourceSydney Morning Herald

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