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“It’s a new word”: Terminator Star Arnold Schwarzenegger Hates Calling Himself an “Influencer” 

"It's a new word": Terminator Star Arnold Schwarzenegger Hates Calling Himself an "Influencer" 

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bodybuilding, acting career, and his entire life as a whole can be one of the many bigger success stories in the industry. 

He started out as a skinny Austrian boy from a rural area, who worked hard to further dominate the bodybuilding spectrum more than ever before. Then, against all odds, the hulking muscleman (with the hard-to-pronounce name) again climbed the ladder from the bottom to the top, finally reaching the heights of fame in Hollywood. After that, he proudly advances to politics and even served as the 38th governor of California. Therefore, you must better pay close attention when Arnold Schwarzenegger shares his success secrets. 

He has had a successful long career as a politician, athlete, and actor. Nevertheless, despite being a megastar, we bet you don’t know a lot about the Austrian Oak.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

At 75 years old (he will turn 76 on July 30), he is no longer the vivacious muscle man, who jumped from the Olympia stage to Hollywood to politics. However, ‘Updated Schwarzenegger’ still commands attention, as he has to ‘influence’ 23.9 million (as of this writing) Instagram followers. 

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Arnold Schwarzenegger As An Influencer

He’s been able to adapt to everything, and that’s what matters. Four decades have passed since Arnold Schwarzenegger was at the peak of his bodybuilding career. And 20 years have passed since his final big-screen appearance (when he appeared out of thin air in a desert to introduce Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines). 

Now the latest evolution, however, does not depend on the abs, chest, or biceps.


He has taken on the role of an ‘influencer’ in order to realize his objectives, using social media to build a following and spread positivity. You can currently watch videos of Whiskey and Lulu, his pet donkey and pony, on his Instagram.

Well, this has also paved the way for his more ambitious projects: The first was the eight-episode spy dramedy FUBAR, which debuted on Netflix in May. Arnold, a three-part personal docuseries, that will also be released on Netflix in June. 

Arnold Schwarzeneggers infamous physique
Arnold Schwarzenegger

And in October, he’ll offer a solution to everyone’s issues in Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life. During his recent interview with Mens Heakth, he explained his foray into motivational self-help:

“Be useful, meaning go and do something for other people. One of the rules of success is to give something back.”

But when the Commando actor noticed that not many bodybuilders were giving TV interviews and developing the sport, he started “influencing” the ’70s fashion.

“I never looked at myself as the term influencer, because it’s a new word. But I always tried to use the media to spread my message.”

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He Is An Old School Guy

Arnold Schwarzenegger has influenced all of us, whether or not we realise it.

Before TikTok and YouTube, the 75-year-old veteran actor popularized bulky muscles on traditional media like books, TV, and radio. ‘Pre-Arnold’ superheroes were often regular guys dressed in spandex (Consider the 1950s TV show Adventures of Superman). Then, in 1982, came Conan the Barbarian.

According to Schwarzenegger, “there was a guy that actually looked like Conan the way Frank Frazetta painted it,” and “people were going crazy.” The 1980s were characterized by jacked heroes thanks to films like Commando and The Terminator, which also helped pave the way for Marvel’s takeover.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Anyway, in the meantime, he also adopted the contemporary influencer marketing strategy, moving beyond TikTok and Instagram to provide his fans with daily fitness advice via a free email newsletter. He began the month of May by denouncing influencer culture as being filled with “bulls*it artists, charlatans, and outrage salespeople,” and several websites covered his tirade. 


It is safe to say that Schwarzenegger is unquestionably one of the most recognizable actors in the world. Being a box office powerhouse in the 1980s and 1990, he has starred in several action blockbusters that are still thrilling audiences today. 

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