As Keanu Reeves Returns for Constantine 2, HBO Max Cancels Constantine Series as Confused DC Fans Decide Which Project to Root For

Keanu Reeves Returns for Constantine 2
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Ever since David Zaslav took over the reins of the newly formed Warner Bros. Discovery, there has been chaos all around for the DC Universe. Rumors of a Keanu Reeves-inspired Constantine series was in the works for a reboot were around, however, the sequel to the original film Constantine was announced recently.


Following the announcement, HBO Max along with Warner Bros. Discovery and DC canceled the reboot series of Constantine which made fans confused over which side to pick.

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Keanu Reeves as John Constantine in Constantine (2005).
Keanu Reeves as John Constantine in Constantine (2005).

Constantine 2 To Be Released By Canceling Constantine Series

It was earlier reported that a rebooted series based on the character of John Constantine was in the works. The series was to be a reboot of the 2014 American series Constantine which featured Matt Ryan as the lead actor. Things seemed to be going brightly as the series was soon to be released on HBO Max along with extending the DC Universe since John Constantine is a part of DC.

Constantine series featured Matt Ryan in the lead role.
The Constantine series featured Matt Ryan in the lead role.

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However, after many rumors about an awaited sequel to the original classic film Constantine (2005), Variety stated that the franchise will indeed get a sequel in which Keanu Reeves will be once again appearing as John Constantine. Sources at Variety further stated that the reboot series of Constantine that was in the works is also canceled for reasons yet to be disclosed.


This marks the second time a DC project has been canceled by HBO Max and Warner Bros. Discovery along with a canceled Madame X series in the queue.

The fans took to Twitter as the chaos just keeps on increasing for the DC Universe along with the recent Ezra Miller controversies, a canceled Batgirl project, and now the canceled rebooted series.


And to sum up all the bad decisions,


The general feeling in the audience is confusion as DC and Warner Bros. Discovery seem to have no clue as to what direction they should head onto. As much as fans are excited for the upcoming Keanu Reeves starrer sequel to Constantine, many people feel angry at the cancellation of the series.

Constantine Needs A New Home

Keanu Reeves is confirmed to return in Constantine 2.
Keanu Reeves is confirmed to return in Constantine 2.

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Although the series is canceled, the production behind the series Bad Robot and Warner Bros. have yet a beacon of hope for it. Sources stated that both the studios have high expectations that the series will soon find a new home i.e., a streaming service, and will be released officially as part of the DCEU.

We currently have no confirmed details regarding the upcoming sequel to Constantine. The only confirmed piece of news is that Keanu Reeves will be returning (as he should) along with the original director of the movie Francis Lawrence (from The Hunger Games fame) reuniting with the John Wick star.

Constantine Season 1 as well as the movie Constantine is available to stream on Prime Video.


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