As The Last of Us Fans Call Out Ellie’s ‘Horrible Casting’, Bella Ramsey Defends Why She Got the Role: “I am a good actor”

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The upcoming HBO series The Last of Us starring Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal is based on a video game released back in 2013 of the same name. Looking forward to the upcoming Live Action which took 9 years to complete is all set for its big release. The story is set up during apocalyptic times when the human race is devastated by a fungal infestation. The story is centered around Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie. The middle-aged fighter is on a mission to successfully escort a 14-year-old teenage girl across the lands who is seen as a potential cure to this deadly plague. The young actress Bella Ramsey who is criticized by fans as not a suitable fit for playing Ellie slams the haters.


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Bella Ramsey as Ellie
Bella Ramsey as Ellie

Fans Upset to See Bella Ramsey as Ellie

The internet is filled with negative comments against the 19-year-old young actress who was once commended for the portrayal of Lyanna Mormont in the HBO blockbuster series Game of Thrones. Many believed that Ramsey is not a suitable fit for the character of Ellie and claims her as an eyesore even in the trailer. Fans of the game series, The Last of Us stated that the makers should have cast someone who matched the description of Ellie in the video game to bring a much more powerful impact of live action.



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Bella Ramsey Struggles with Internet Hate for playing Ellie
Bella Ramsey Invites Internet’s Hate for playing Ellie

Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann Stand Firm for Bella Ramsey’s Casting

The young actress who was at the age of 17 while shooting the series shared how the negative comments flooding the internet affected her confidence. Despite being experienced with working in big-budgeted movies such as Game of Thrones the internet’s harsh negative comments have made the non-binary actress introspect her decision of working in the most awaited series of 2023.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever had a negative reaction to something. There would be times I’d find it funny. Then I’d get to the end of a 10-minute scrolling session, put my phone down and realize: Maybe that was a bad idea. It’s only recently that I’ve accepted I am Ellie, and I can do it, and I am a good actor. But this will last for a few weeks and then I’ll think I’m terrible again. That’s just the process.”

The renowned creators of the series Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann defended the casting of Bella Ramsey as Ellie and affirmed to everyone that she is a perfect fit for the role.

“We were looking for a specific combination of contradictions: Someone that can be funny and quirky, and violent and rough.” When Druckmann saw Ramsey’s audition tape, he said, “I didn’t see Bella acting like Ellie — I saw Ellie.”

Bella Ramsey The Last of Us
Bella Ramsey with Pedro Pascal in The Last of Us

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Fame is surely a double-edged sword that gives a sweet-bitter taste from both sides equally. The young actress’s welcome for her lead role in a major project was surely overwhelmed with hate comments across the internet, but many are still optimistic and believe in the actress for her stunning, short yet promising scenes from the trailer. The fact that which side’s words will come true will only be proved after the release of the series, for which everyone is waiting eagerly.

The first episode of The Last of Us will be streamed on HBO Max on January 15, 2023, in the US.





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