“She doesn’t look the part”: HBO’s The Last of Us Faces Criticism After Latest Teaser, Fans Claim Bella Ramsey as Ellie is a Horrible Miscast

HBO’s The Last of Us Faces Criticism After Latest Teaser, Fans Claim Bella Ramsey as Ellie is a Horrible Miscast
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HBO’s The Last of Us is an American apocalyptic story that finds a world populated by “clickers”, i.e. humans affected by the Cordyceps Brain Infection that mutates them into zombies. The series features Pedro Pascal as Joel who is found safeguarding and transporting a kid, Ellie, across the infected terrain. The series also features a cast comprising Melanie Lynskey, Gabriel Luna, Troy Baker, Ashley Johnson, and Merle Dandridge.

The Last of Us - a still from the HBO series
The Last of Us – a still from the HBO series

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The Last of Us Teaser and its Chaotic Pessimism

The Last of Us teaser offered very few words but emotions ran high throughout its dread-filled 90 seconds. It began with a world still populated but veiled in grief and Pedro Pascal‘s Joel walking into it. By the time the chaos reigned, he was walking away or perhaps toward something. Adapted from the eponymous video game series, The Last of Us follows Joel and Ellie as they traverse through an apocalyptic landscape across America, fighting, surviving, and searching for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in The Last of Us
Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in The Last of Us

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The heartbreaking tenor of the story perfectly welds itself with the melancholic and paced thrum of Hank Williams’ country tune “Alone and Forsaken”. If that itself doesn’t describe the entirety of the plot, then the “save who you can save” message desolately whispered against the backdrop of the fiery chaos certainly makes it clear for the audience. The plot, as expected, escalates and turns more hurried, and even though the actual threat from whom everyone runs has only been shown in passing fragments, the actors wonderfully create the bleak, captivating, and heartbreaking aura that shrouds the world of Joel and Ellie.

Bella Ramsey's casting as Ellie concerns fans
Bella Ramsey’s casting as Ellie concerns fans

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Fans Upset Over Bella Ramsey’s Casting as Ellie

Even as the teaser sets the bar high for the rest of the series, fans are still upset over the casting choice. Pedro Pascal stuns as Joel but it is Bella Ramsey as Ellie who has become a cause for concern among the invested audience. The primary reason for the discontent traces back to the original Playstation franchise which featured an Ellie that looked much different than the Game of Thrones famed child actor. Even though an adaptation necessarily is not obliged to stay true to the physical appearance of in-game characters, it does help the audience relate more when the world of animation turns into live-action.



Needless to say, without even uttering a single word, Bella Ramsey conveys multitudes of emotions throughout every single frame that she happens to be in. The fragments from the show that have been enmeshed into a trailer say as much when she stands her ground and sets herself apart even in the presence of Pedro Pascal’s powerful performance. It now depends on the young and talented actress to prove the mass sentiments wrong.

The Last of Us premieres in 2023.


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