Attack on Titan: How Powerful Are The Ackermans?

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The Japanese dark fantasy anime series Attack on Titan has notably sustained a broad, active, and international fan base. With a catchy storyline and dynamic concept, Attack on Titan gained great support from all around the world.


One of the topics that stole the limelight was the strength of the Ackermans. The Ackerman family has always dominated the Attack on Titan world thanks to their unique abilities. With invincible strength that are on par with Titan, their dark past had somehow been forgotten.

Who are Ackermans?

The Ackerman Family

The origin of the Ackermans’ powers were created in an experiment which made them superhumans involving the Subjects of Ymir and Titan Science. They were designed to protect the King of Eldia and ensure the survival of their people and long served as the Empire’s closest advisors.


After losing the Great Titan War, the Ackermans refused to serve a monarch that brainwashed its people into believing a false idea of peace. However, at the brink of extinction, the head of the clan agreed to be beheaded in exchange for the safety of his people and children. This dark history was hidden from the younger generations.

This finally ended after Uri Reiss apologized for the actions of the prior monarchs on the Ackerman family and accepted Kenny as his right-hand man.

In Attack on Titan, the Ackermans are able to access the fighting power and experience of their ancestry  allowing them to use the strength of Titans without becoming one themselves.


Levi Ackerman stealing the limelight

Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan was by far a complete package of an interesting series but we got to see Levi Ackerman stealing the limelight despite not being a protagonist. In fact, Levi is by far the most popular character in the entire Attack on Titan franchise.

His impeccable strength and inhuman speed were evident when he took down Anne Leonhardt in her Titan form, something that hundreds of men together couldn’t accomplish. Thanks to this unrivaled power, Levi is celebrated as “humanity’s strongest soldier.”

Throat Slasher Kenny

Kenny Ackerman
Kenny Ackerman from Attack on Titan

After Levi, Kenny is supposed to be the second after Levi when it comes to their powers. It is stated according to Levi that Kenny awakened his Ackerman powers off-screen. He was known throughout the Underground for having killed well over a hundred men, and most of them were rumored to be members of the military.


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These two strongest Ackerman characters in whole Attack on Titan had been shown carrying out their powers which are ultimately a great deal.


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