Attack on Titan Secretly Confirmed Titans Returning After Eren’s Death in One Flashy Scene That Many Fans Missed

Attack on Titan theory confirms return of Titans after Eren's Death in the Post Credit Scene of the series.

attack on titan secretly confirmed titans returning after eren’s death in one flashy scene that many fans missed


  • Attack on Titan, a hugely popular Shonen anime series, concluded on November 4.
  • Ultimately, a young boy and his dog find Eren's final resting place at another tree.
  • There is a theory that suggests the boy enters the tree to obtain the power of the titan because he might be an Eldian or a descendant of Mikasa.
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On November 4, the immensely popular Shonen anime series Attack on Titan finally came to an end. The story of Eren Yeager, who saw his mother devoured by a titan during Shiganshina’s attack by a group of titans led by the Colossal and Armoured Titans, is told in Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan. Eren then vowed to destroy all Titans, only to discover later on that he was also capable of becoming a Titan.

Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan
Attack on Titan

Knowing Isayama, even in the post-credit scene of Attack on Titan Season 4, every single detail has a purpose and a connection. One of the biggest things these connections might have confirmed is the return of the Titans after Eren’s death in one flashy scene that many fans might have missed.

This confirmation comes from a foreshadowing that Isayama has done in connection to the boy and dog shown in the last scene and the dog-like titan shown during Fort Salta.


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Theory Suggests The Boy In the Post Credit Scene is a Titan

The final panels of the manga and the credits of the Attack on Titan Season 4 finale show the scouts visiting Eren’s tomb over time until Armin is the only one remaining. After that, there are several changes that occur in Paradis, including modernization, conflict, and decimation.

In the end, Eren’s final resting place is discovered by a young boy and his dog at another tree. Given that the boy may be an Eldian or a descendant of Mikasa, there is a theory that states that the boy enters the tree to gain the power of the titan and sets out to exact revenge on those responsible for the destruction of Paradis.

The final shot of Attack On Titan
The final shot of Attack On Titan

The final credits showed how the tree had grown extraordinarily tall and completely out of proportion after Eren was buried beneath it. It is therefore assumed that the Hallucigenia that had endowed Ymir and Eren with their Founding Titan abilities had somehow managed to either endure or resurface from Eren.

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Dog-Like Titan Already Seen in The Series

The theory is only an interpretation of the question “What happens next?” which the writer usually leaves for the audience to imagine. However, this theory about the boy being a titan is supported by the observation made by many viewers that the anime depicts a dog-like titan during the battle at Fort Salta. To keep Eren safe from the scouts, Ymir commands all previous pure titans.

Dog like Titan
Dog like Titan

It is plausible to suggest that she may have also had control over a future titan, the young boy whose titan takes the form of his dog given that the Paths link the past and the future.

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