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Attack on Titan’s Levi Ackerman Dethrones Goku, Japan’s Biggest Ranking Website Confirms Goku’s No Longer Most Popular Anime Character

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Anime Senpai went online and the Japanese audience voted for their Top 50 Most Popular Anime Characters and the results surely were surprising. With characters you won’t expect to be on the list to be on much higher tiers and characters who one would think to be on top tiers to be much lower in the ranks.

Levi Defeats Goku
Levi defeats Goku

Both Dragon Ball and Attack On Titan have been mainstream anime with a larger fan following than one could imagine. While Dragon Ball set its marks in many childhoods, Attack On Titan decided to use its vivid story telling and gore to leave an unforgettable impression to a more grown audience.

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Goku Being The First Of Many To Set Bars With Anime Characters

Dragon Ball has been one of the anime that ruled the childhood of almost every household. Goku himself was not just the most famous anime character at one time, but also the most powerful as well. Now however, with Japan’s latest voting, he seems to have lost this streak.

Surpassing Pikachu barely, the protagonist of Dragon Ball surprised many with his dropping popularity. Originating from alien grounds, Goku is a very simple character who only has combat on his mind.

Goku in dragon ball
Goku in Dragon Ball

Beat easily by Todoroki, Inumaki Toge, Zenitsu and even Doraemon, Goku who was said to be too overpowered as compared to any other anime characters seems to no longer hold that title because perhaps power is not enough to win the hearts of anime fans.

The fans say that a lack of power scaling makes the character too monotonous. Even with astounding martial art skills, Goku sometimes may not be the strongest in his own anime, however, he tries to defy that, and overpower the villains, this in turn, imbalances a set of power limit which makes the entire process repeatable at the lack of comparison.

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Levi Ackerman’s Rising Fame Surpassing Goku

The co-commander of the survey corps in Attack On Titan has always stayed under the limelight due to his sharp skills and even faster thinking. Although barely surpassing Gojou Satoru, Levi Ackerman was not only voted the most popular anime character, but he also holds the position of the second most popular anime character on MyAnimeList.

levi ackerman in attack on titan
Levi Ackerman in Attack On Titan

Being not only humanity’s strongest soldier but also defeating the beast titan by himself, Levi Ackerman rose the charts much faster than the blink of an eye. His hard shelled exterior is only more understood with his tragic past and it is no surprise to say that on the inside he is someone who truly cares, even if his angry behavior would say otherwise.

It can be said that Levi being on the first position is well deserved, however to see Goku being so low in the ranks brings the question of what anime fans actually look for in characters. The depth and three dimensional storytelling of a character is what attracts a fan. And although Goku may be levels ahead in terms of power, when it comes to popularity, Levi is unmatched.

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Source: Anime Senpai

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